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TechTTalks provides all latest information as well as useful content on the fast changing world of technology. At this portal, a blog is considered as a result of the collaboration of web developers, web designers, business experts, web experts as well as technology experts that have huge knowledge of this vast technical world. We work with the motive to provide resourceful information to our readers and thus, we update our blog on a regular basis. This help our readers in getting the latest information about the techniques.

At TechTTalks, you can write about mobile apps, Internet of Things, Chatbot, new technologies and methods, latest market trends and many more. We offer you a great experience to write for this blogging portal and a perfect opportunity so as to share your knowledge with the world. We would like to invite all those who can contribute as well as share their important knowledge on several technical topics so that the valuable readers of our website can avail the benefits of our blogs. So, if you think that you have a good knowledge about this industry, contact the website as soon as possible. In this regard, you can visit our contact page for sending your details about your experience and also tell us that for which type of content you want to contribute your skills.

Once you become a dedicated writer of this portal and after getting your blog published, share it on your social media channels. We expect you to share and comment on other blogs you see on this portal.

Guidelines for submitting your Guest Post

Quality: Your write-up should be a minimum of 900 words and should includes all the necessary information. In addition, it should be 100% unique with no typo errors.

Credit: We respect individual work a lot and if you have taken some examples from someone else’s work, then don’t feel shy to give them credit.

Add Screenshot, Images and Video: By adding images to your text, you can convey your message more easily. In case of tutorials, don’t forget to take a screenshot. On the other hand, if you are a video blogger, submit your video to YouTube channel.

Self-promotion: We welcome genuine work and gives no place for any backlinks, but also gives you a chance to build your brand by posting your write-up.


If we find that your post is not original, you need to remove your profile and all your posts. Moreover, you can give us copyright ownership of the post.

Comment: You should answer all your queries through comments. This is very important for your readers to understand it better.

If you have understood all the guidelines, you can submit your post to us. For this, you can create an account and can submit your post. For any kind of refinement, I will tell you about changes and for any queries, let us know via contact form.