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Some Wonderful Android Nougat’s Unbeatable Features

Apple’s iPhone has been the smartphone of a large number of people and they don’t see themselves changing their smartphone anytime soon. Earlier, iPhone users used to feel sorry for Android users because of their sluggish devices, but now they are jealous as Android has grown into a stable as well as a refined mobile platform and this makes their precious iOS handset feel old. There are many amazing features in Android Nougat, which is considered as the latest version of Android, which iOS definitely wants to steal:

Visibility of shortcuts of Number & Symbol on every key

This feature showcases number and symbols hints on every key. You can choose to have the Android keypad show tiny numbers in top corner of every key. You just need to long-press any of those keys in order to type the number instead of the letter. On the other hand, other keys on the keypad shows hints for symbols are generally hidden. You will only be able to see them once you tap the symbol key.

Battery-Saver Mode

This is one of the smartest Android features and with this feature, you can set the battery saver feature for the moment when your battery falls below 5 percent or 15 percent. On the other hand, for iOS devices there is a need to turn on the lower-power mode manually.

Installation of apps from the web

The biggest frustration with the App store is that it is best browsed from an iOS device instead of the web, whereas The Google Play app store works perfectly in a desktop web browser and above all, you have the chance of installing apps remotely over the web. However, with iOS, you can click the Get button in the App Store and this only adds the app to your iCloud app library. In order to install the app, there is still the need to search your app library on the device and then download it.

Option to switch between two last used apps

With an option to show two apps on the screen at once, it is very easy for users to see the app you were using prior to that. By double clicking the Android multitasking button, you can switch to the app you were firstly using and by double tapping the button again you are back from where you started.

Clear all app windows

It is really good to have a feature like this because users usually end up with dozens of app windows which clutters the multitask screen. However, with this latest feature of Android, you just need to tap clear all at the top of your multitasking screen and all your open Android app can be whisked away.

Set Do not Disturb

When in Android you tap the Do not Disturb setting, an option like one hour setting will come and after selecting it DND mode will turn on and after the completion of an hour it will turn off automatically.

Gesture Typing

The stock Android supports gesture typing and for this you just need to tap settings> Language & input> Virtual Keyboard> Google Keyboard> Gesture typing.

Clear all app caches

If you are looking forward to clear all app caches on an Android device, there is a need to tap Settings> Storage> Cached data. So, clearing app caches in a flash is a wonderful thing, which is now the need of the hour.   

Facility of two Chrome tabs

At the time of using Chrome in multi-window mode, you need to tap on the Menu button and then select the option of Move to other window.

Drop text & images in multi-window mode

While using two apps, you can drop text effortlessly between the two windows. The same procedure is followed for sharing images between the two apps.

Better Notifications

Interface for notifications has been updated with some additional functionality. The styling is done with the help of MessagingStyle class. Here, you will get more information and less wasted space and these things are exactly what you want from a notification and thus, it is very surprising to know that this feature didn’t appeared in Android until now.

Support of multi-language and emoji

This latest version of Android enable you to set primary and secondary languages and you can switch easily between them. This is said to be a great deal for frequent travelers and bi-lingual Android users. Furthermore, you have complete control over how much information is required to be displayed on the screen.

New menu for settings

The settings menu has been reconfigured with two amazing primary changes such as the addition of a hamburger menu on the left and other is the presence of high-order information under the section title of each settings.  

Call screening & Number blocking

It features a completely advanced number blocking as well as call screening platform, which give users a complete control over unknown numbers and unwanted callers.

Emergency Information

Android Nougat has the ability to add such information to your lock screen. You simply needs to go to Settings> Users> Emergency information to add the kind of data you want such as address, blood type and any kind of allergies.

Saves Data

While using Android Nougat device, you have the chance to enable data saver in order to prohibit specific apps from using data in the background.

By reading all the above-mentioned information, you’ll be aware of these amazing features, which can definitely enhance your user experience of Android Nougat.


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