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Windows 10 Mobile New Settings Icons Gets Revised & Polished

Windows 10: A new look for settings icons is on the cards for Windows 10 mobile. Microsoft is doing immense work to provide  custom-made and attractive icons in their setting screen to the mobile, which is scheduled to be released in the next build of their Anniversary update. The giant software company is leaving no stone unturned  to replace its old fashioned icon to new and trendy ones.

There are a few custom made icons likes date & time, narrator, kids’ corner and also the encryption for the device is no more under settings and it has been shifted under update and security. A new icon has been made for the navigation bar which has been moved from the generic gear setting icon. This navigation bar can be used to personalised your vibration setting and also double tapping the navigation bar will turn off the screen. The big change has also taken a toll on the start icon as well wherein all the live tiles are highlighted with a redesigned screen for Lock with improved modern elements.

The user can now pick different color from a vast range of options available for their devices background, taskbar, action center and start.  Also very strategically they have choose a newer version for the battery icon as well. The new and updated driving mode changes the car’s orientation.  The latest version ensures to give the user the option to customize quick actions in the action center. In the setting icon all pages will have their distinctive icons, which will make the search for the required user setting easier.windows-10

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And last but not to be missed, and the most lucrative part in the upcoming build will be the updated version of emojis. The company plans to give a better organised align  for the newest emoji, which are planned to be arranged as- most used, smileys, people, animal, objects and celebrations, plant and food, & places and transportation.

These updated were planned to be released earlier by the software company Microsoft but got delayed as there were few bugs discovered at the very last minute. This summer we hope to witness the new, improved and polished version of Window 10 mobiles, which will be the update of the newest technology of computing and internet for personal usage.


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