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Why You Should Start Your Own Business Venture

“Your life is precious, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

The above mentioned quote is one of the most precious Steve Jobs quotes and it tells us a lot in just one line. Today more and more professionals are jumping into new ventures. Startup companies are growing like anything and our own honorable Prime Minister has already paved the way for young entrepreneurs and it’s the best time to bid adieu to your boring job and something of your own and there is nothing better than building a startup company. Here we give few reasons to the ones who have entrepreneur business ideas to start your own business venture:

Be your own boss: I know that this punch line is favorite among the network marketers, but the truth is, there is nothing better than owning a business. You don’t need to follow orders of someone’s else orders and nobody is going to prevent you from implementing your innovative ideas. Be a part of your dream because If you don’t work for your dreams, then someone else will make you work for theirs – Tony Gaskins.

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Bring a change: The world would have been deprived of wonderful technologies if Steve Jobs or Bill Gates would have landed in a shitty job. If you want to create something meaningful for the society, just get rid of 9-5 job and start your own new business. Facebook, Snapdeal, Uber has done the same and the result is in front of everybody.

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Jump into new territories:  Any startup Company seeks specialists and you would be provided responsibilities as per your qualifications, but as far as business is concerned, you can do anything and no one would inquire about your degrees.

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Job creator: You will touch human lives in many ways. You will create jobs for your country. Become a job creator rather than a job seeker. A new business on an average employs about 50-100 people in the initial phase and the number keeps on increasing with time. So, if you have zeal to make something big, then you are required to just turn the tables.

You would be more productive: Your productivity would skyrocket as you will be working for yourself and not for someone else. In business terms, you would be able to churn out the maximum ROI out of your business and if you do, what other successful people have done, you would enjoy the same results that they have achieved.

Mentorship: Startup scene in India is growing at a rapid rate and a number of industry veterans are keen to render guidance to the budding entrepreneurs and you would meet many such mentors who would up raise you about the do’s and don’t in any business. In addition to this, you would get a chance to be a mentor as well and this is the fantastic way to help humankind.

Financial Independence: When your business venture takes off well, you would make a lot of money that you would never imagine in your job. Owning a big car, owning a big house and to travel to exotic locations would no longer be a distant dream for youBusiness ventures provide lot more satisfaction and luxuries than any other job.

Winner from both the sides: Well known philosopher Swami Vivekanda said, “ if you win, you would be an idol for others, if you lose, you can teach others. The same stands true in case of entrepreneurship. In spite of the fact that about 90% of startup companies fail to gather traction, but you will learn so much in your startup that any other organization would gladly accept you.

So, stop giving excuses to yourself and join the startup wagon. I would like to close this article with yet again very famous Steve Jobs quotes: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”