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Some Weirdest Smarthpone Apps Ever

Nowadays, mobile apps are gaining huge momentum amongst businesses of all sizes as apps provide a much faster alternative in comparison to mobile web browsing. Due to the emergence of apps for smartphones, many people have come up with new avenues of using this hand-held gadget in their life. They also plays a vital role in increasing customer engagement and thus, a large number of customers are calling out for smartphone apps. Moreover, apps reduce cost of SMS messages as well as paper newsletters. This is because they simplify communications by securely and by directly messaging to clients or customers. There is nothing wrong in saying that customer loyalty is also established through app development because it paves the way for easier interaction with the company.

Today, there are numerous apps that claims to provide amazing features, but all are not the same. Thus, it is said that with all of the apps floating around, there are some dumbest smartphone apps which are listed below:

Voice Changer Plus

There are plentiful voice changing apps for both Android as well as Apple. However, with this app, you have the chance of recording your voice gloating with the chorus mode and all of a sudden you will see a throng of angels that help you rub it in. In addition, you can record a plea or enables you to add pathetic echo effects with the help of canyon mode.

Will You Marry Me?

Today, there are several ways to utilize technology in wooing your love interest. If you are looking forward to propose your most beloved one, but you are afraid to get No for an answer, then this is the perfect app for you. There are two buttons Yes or No, which he or she will need to choose.


SMITH is an acronym for “Send me to Heaven”. It is described as a game of Russian roulette that puts the life of your phone on risk. Unlike other games, the goal is to throw your phone as high as you can and then catch it. This app measures how high you threw your phone and give it a rank on a leaderboard. Till date, the current worldwide record according to the app is 44.19 meters into the air. The app can easily determine if you’re cheating. This is because an error registers if the phone drops more than it rises.

This app has been causing ample destruction for Android users. As per the developer of the app, there are several photographs of record-breaking throws, but don’t want to publish them as throwing your phone is not a safe practice.

Hourly Chimes

This app is for all those who enjoy the sound of church bells ringing. You have the chance of choosing from eight different beautiful sounds and can set to play automatically at any time of the day you want. In other words, you can tell  the app to play chimes sounds every hour from Monday to Friday. Due to this, you can make your day at work more enjoyable.  

These are some of the weirdest smartphone apps, which should not be developed. These apps are good for comic relief, but will not be very useful to you.