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Ways To Hire Top Talent And Avoid Hiring Disasters

Friends, this write up is not about any other long and boring know how or how to hire great employees. In fact, today we would upraise your knowledge base about the current scenario of interviews . So stay with us and read the lines that follow.

HR Managers and recruiters of best startups and even big companies face a hard time selecting the right candidate and very often, the job aspirants too are confused and astonished about the questions being asked by the recruiters.  Here are some of the examples and their remedies. Recruiters and interviewers need to read this !!!

What Are Your Greatest Weaknesses?

Well, none is going to tell you that he or she loves to sleep, drink during the day time and loves to party all night!!! Well, Mr. Interviewer!! You won’t get the anything more than a bunch of lies such as I am very particular about my tasks and often I get involved deeply in my work. So if you are looking for a good employee, stop asking this question.

Describe Yourself In 3 words

The only 3 magical words in the world are ‘ I Love You’ and certainly the job aspirant is not going to say this to you. He will instead puke out the same stereotype words like I am hard-working, team Player and intelligent. Bullshit!!!! You have the entire resume in front of you and it is impossible for anyone to describe himself or herself in just 3 words. So, instead of following the same old traditions, you should try to know about the interests and talents of the aspirant. Top entrepreneurs and good HR personals never ask these kind of stupid and age old questions.

Where Do You See Yourself Five Years Down The Line???

Well, nobody is aware what would happen in the future and you are talking about 5 years. The candidates are always super ready to answer this question in the most professional way as they come with a mugged up answer. No one would tell you that they plan to enjoy in any distant island and instead they have answers like “I see myself as a great contributing factor in this organization and expect to get the deserved rewards.”

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Why Should We Hire You?

Ha ha ha!!!! The most stupid and predictable question asked by today’s recruiters. The candidate’s mind goes like “ even I don’t know this “ but he has a plan B and that is “ I would prove to be the most valuable asset to this company and would work greatly towards its growth. RESULT;;;; selected. HR managers are requested to come out of this shit and come out with something innovative as what are your expectations from us or what best thing prompted you to come for the interview.

Why Are You Leaving Your Current Job???

Hey HR!!!! just grow up!!!! There are obvious reasons why a professional leaves his or her job like growth, salary hike, size of the organization and many other factors. Now consider an example which is very common these days.

HR: why you are leaving your current job ?

Aspirant 1: I have been very keen to join this organization since I was in College and today I have got a chance to do the same. ( Selected)

Aspirant 2: well ,sir I look a great career with this company and I believe my career would reach to new heights. (Selected)

Aspirant 3: Actually, I have been asked to leave from my current organization because I raise my voice against the exploitation related to the working hours and other ethical issues. (Rejected)

The above example was just to explain the hypocrisy of HR and recruiters. Please raise your standards and try to know the genuine issues with the employees. And, recruiters are requested to get rid of the scripted interviews and try something innovative and out of the box. Learn to listen and not only ask questions because – “ When you speak, you repeat only what you know whereas when you listen, you get to know something New”.