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Video is back with a bang in the digital marketing space

Digital marketers are in constant endeavor to adopt new tricks and strategies in order to make their products popular. Video is just another concept which is changing the face of business very rapidly. Video isn’t new, but its application in business is doing wonders for big and small businesses alike. It is estimated that by the end of 2020, video would contribute over 80% of online traffic.

Huge customer base:  Advertising is no longer limited to a limited audience. With the advent of social media channels like Facebook and Twitter offering video advertising, digital marketers can target their potential customers by demography, preference, behavior and many more.  Consumers today have become very informed and they have become extremely selective about any product or service. It has been proved that audio-visual information remains in the mind longer than a written content. Hence, digital marketing has a great chance to lure customers by including attractive videos in their social media campaigns.

Video content is available at affordable costs:  Gone are the days when creating a video for business used to be an expensive affair. With the advent of tools like Vimeo, it has become quite cheap to create a video.  Rather than spending thousands of dollars on other things, smaller companies can create a wonderful video by just spending just a few hundred dollars. Due to these reasons, videos are growing in popularity and there are a number of video makers available who help businesses to attain their goal.

Short-form video content:  Companies should focus on making videos of smaller duration rather than making a huge expense on a big-budget production. Short form videos that are made for custom audience having more relevant video content should be focused. These short duration videos help businesses to be noticed among the customers and they do the same thing as search engine do for the websites.

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Increased automation: Technology has moved a way ahead and today we have automated systems for everything including posting a content and tracking the ROI. These systems help businesses to manage their operations without the support of any advertising agency.

Its all about mobile: Mobility is as its all time high and smartphones and tablets contribute to approximately 65-70% of internet traffic.  Earlier video marketing was only restricted to TV, but these days mobile has emerged as the most effective platform for marketing. Mobile lets the marketers to connect with their consumers anywhere, anytime. Toady more and more videos are created in vertical format just to be compatible with the mobile devices.

Year 2016 certainly is for video based marketing and do not wonder if you see more of video based content rather than text in coming days. Internet marketers are doing their level best to attract customers with the help of videos and this trend would continue to prevail.

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