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Using Mobile Apps to Win the Battle Against Diabetes

Technology, when applied to medical science, can result in remarkable inventions that can help humans fight against diseases that are the result of today’s stressful lifestyle. Diabetes is one such condition that can really impair one’s ability to study, work and earn to the full potential of his abilities.

Patients who skip exercise and rely on medications alone to fight diabetes find that their body demands higher and higher doses of the same medicine to keep blood sugar levels under control. And this incremental expense can induce stress which can trigger other complications like skin disease, irritable bowel syndrome, piles and what not.

What if your kid is affected?

This is the worst piece of news any mother will hear about her kid that he or she has been diagnosed with high or low blood sugar problems that can result in the loss of consciousness or a debilitating seizure.

Diabetes being a life –threatening condition can result in abnormal weight gain, knee pain, vision problems, kidney failure, and cardiac problems and is best kept under control through a heavy exercise that burns fat, insulin and keeps glucose levels under control.

It can be a nightmare for any parent, if the right tools are not used to continuously monitor blood sugar levels.

Thankfully there is a solution at hand!

This new diabetes product sends information to an app on the smartphone of five close family members of the patient whenever blood sugar levels are high without conducting any finger prick test.

Of course, a minimum of two finger pricks per day are required for calibration purposes but you need not have to prick your finger every five minutes to monitor glucose.

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The sensors in the device, work for seven days as both the sensor and transmitter are implanted under the skin which sends real-time glucose readings to the smartphone.

Electronic warnings are sent to close family members whenever there is a spike in glucose levels or when sugar levels drop too low.

Offering peace of mind to parents

Perhaps, this was the first thing that was on the mind of manufacturers when they were building this device. The moment a warning signal is issued by the device, parents can take steps to ensure that insulin is administered to the child in higher doses so that the child does not get unconscious.

The best part about this invention is that the information flow is constant throughout the day and any emergency can be forestalled as real-time information about the health of the child appears on the mobile phones of parents.

Constant worry about the health of the child is a big worry and can reduce the productivity of both parents at the workplace. But with this brand new device they can be rest assured that their child is safe and corrective action can be taken on time.

An unfortunate hypoglycemic event can result in a steep financial cost in order to bring back the child to his energetic self. And therefore, this device which costs only a few thousand dollars can prove to be a valuable investment in your child’s health and help him stay safe at all times.