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Top Collaboration Tools for Better Teamwork

Personal productivity tools are being widely preferred by a large number of employees, but sometimes you are not the only responsible person for completing the project or job. When it comes to mobile app development project then you know that it typically depend on input from all the members of a team. Hence, the job of development involves some collaboration. However, the problem of collaborating can be very messy and very hard to organize. Luckily, there are some amazing collaboration tools available which can make the process smoother.  

Following collaboration tools are very important if you are struggling to keep your team on-task:


This is a great tool for team which is not available in the same physical location, but still do a lot of inspiration-searching and brainstorming together. With the tool, you can drag and drop all of your insights as well as inspirations onto one canvas and also lets you carry out conversation with your team in order to develop such ideas. Last but not the least, it helps you explore questions and solve problems in a hassle-free manner but without actually being together.


An all-in-one collaboration suite which combines the functionality of several tools into one tidy package. The tool comes with an internal social network, collaborative to-do lists, group chats and video as well as document management feature. Furthermore, there are several other useful features such as a drive for sharing and storing files, a CRM to help with sales, email access, source code access and a telephone function.


A wonderful tool to help designers and app developers communicate and work together.  You can create numerous projects and then can update with few clicks only. Creation of exportable designs is very easy, allowing the development team to gain quick access to individual assets. In addition, you can create style guides, enabling the design team to stay consistent.


A simple tool for a hassle-free collaboration on creative work. It enables you and the team of several developers share, comment, manage and approve the work all in one place. You can keep track of your revisions in order to give clients updates on your progress and allows you to share your projects with your teammates.


If your work requires a lot of collaborating with people outside your company then Trello is perfect for you. This is a customizable to-do list interface, enabling you and your collaborators add and categorize different cards which are required to consider at various stages of a project. It also features a progress meter, checklists as well as due dates which help you to gauge your development project. This tool is very simple and can be easily adapted.


With the help of this collaboration tool, you can easily manage, collaborate and deploy code. The main motive behind this tool is to meet the challenges of the development team. It easily integrates with other tools like Basecamp, FogBugz and Lighthouse etc. It is said that with the help of BeanStalk API, you have the chance to create your own tools.


All the above-mentioned are some favorite collaboration tools which can help you a lot while developing a project. So, find the best one that suits your requirements.