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Tips To Impress In The First 90 Days Of Your Job

Finally, you have landed in your dream company and within few years you expect enormous growth. Most of the companies have a probation period of 3 months and that simply means you have only 3 months to make an impression and get through probation. You have only 90 days to make your mark and in this duration, you would have to give your best and leave the rest. Consider these tips for the first 90 days for your new position.

Keep your mouth shut and ears open: When you start a new job, it is a common urge to showcase your skills to employers, but you need to keep your lips zipped and learn as much as you can. Initial days are the learning phase and therefore gather as much as you can without talking much. Take a note whenever you meet a new colleague. What you can do is write down your initial gut feelings about the individuals you meet. This would help you know people better.

TechTTalks | Keep your mouth shut and ears open

Acquaint Yourself With Hierarchy: There are several hierarchies in an organization and you need to acquaint yourself with the formal and informal structures. There are different departments and you need to at least know the HODs and the other important people related to each and every department.

TechTTalks | Acquaint Yourself With Hierarchy

Don’t Gossip about Sex, Politics or Religions: The biggest problem with over-enthusiastic and extrovert people is they can’t control themselves and present their views about their favorite politician or debate about religion or sex related topics. You are advised not to get involved in these topics and instead try to be diplomatic. Keep your views up to you and express them later on when required.

TechTTalks | Don’t Gossip about Sex, Politics or Religions

Choose Words Carefully: Although this point has been discussed earlier but still you need to know something more. Many of your colleagues would like to know about your family, interests, hobbies, etc. while you can upraise them about your family and hobbies, you need to be careful while choosing your words and just try to answer in a few words.

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TechTTalks | Choose Words Carefully

Keep the Mystery: During the initial months, do not open up and rather keep some information confidential. After all, you have joined an organization for your growth and you have come there to work. Don’t try to make many friends at workplace and always remember the golden rule “ your workplace friends would seldom come to help in case you are in any trouble” while other friends would.

TechTTalks | Keep the Mystery

Set goals: This is the most important part; make targets and mark priorities. Track your wins and losses and update the sheet fortnightly. After the period of three months, bring it with you and this sheet can even help you to add cool figures on your paycheque if your company is willing to renegotiate once the probation period is over.

TechTTalks | Set goals

Keep a Work Life Balance: This topic is already trending these days, but still it needs to be mentioned here. During the initial phase, you may love to sit for 12 hours in office to impress your boss, but soon you would be expected to continue with the same. The day you start leaving at 6 O’ clock, your boss would have’ raised eyebrows’. So, maintain a sustainable work-life balance from the beginning to better avoid this kind of situation.

TechTTalks | Keep a Work Life Balance

Wait For The Right Time: If you have any skill or talent that is beneficial for the organization, then illustrate the same at the right time and in front of the right people like in a board meeting. In this way you would be able to make the biggest impact and your talent and skills would be recognized.

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