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Tips to Help Employees Embrace New Technology

Internet is full of technology articles and today we have bought yet another blog for you. though this article is not a latest technology news, but it deals with something extremely important for businessmen.Technology has made our lives much easier and comfortable.The benefits of new technology are numerous like durability, cost effectiveness and time friendly. As a business owner, everyone is all ready to embrace any new changes with open arms, but it becomes a bit tough to convince the employees.  Here are a few of the ways that will help your employees embrace changes pertaining to recent technology.

  • Involve your employees in the process

This practice is gaining momentum very fast and more and more organizations are adopting this practice. It has several benefits as employee satisfaction, improved productivity and much more. The most common example of this practice is advertising industry where you can see even a junior employee sharing his ideas with a top official. If you have friendly relations with your employee, then it won’t be tough for you to bring any new technology and promote it.

TechTTalks | Involve your employees in the process

  • Select Go Getters

You must choose a team of go getters who are more enthusiastic toward new technology. Employees from age group of 23-28 are the best ones. These employees are the early adopters of technology and would further motivate other guys to push up for the same. These guys should be the one who should provide training to rest of the employees.

TechTTalks | Technology Adopters

  • Incentivize The Early Birds

Once you have empanelled a team of trainers, the next step would be to start the training and keep a prize for the ones who adopt the new technology earlier. The prize may be a free ticket to any movie or a lunch/dinner in a good restaurant. It is proven fact that whenever something is at stake, then the performance and zeal to do something of an individual increases.

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TechTTalks | Incentivize The Early Birds

  • Help Them Know The Impact Of Change In Their Lives.

There is an old saying that “pain is temporary, pride is permanent”. Use this phrase in an effective manner. Convince the employees that the new technology would be extremely beneficial for them and it has been implemented in order to make their work easy and hassle free.  In this way the employees would be ready to make some initial sacrifices and look ahead to the long term benefits.

TechTTalks | Convince Technology

  • Ask for Feedbacks and Opinions

Communicate with the employees regarding the new technology and ask for their opinions. Always insist on a healthy and light environment so the users or employees can openly tell their opinions and feedback on the related product. Employees should be given freedom to choose their representatives who would act as the voice of the employees and would communicate all the positives and negatives related to the new technology.

TechTTalks | Feedback n Opinions

Implementation of any new technical advancement is dependant totally on the employees of the organization and that’s why it’s important to encourage them to get acquainted with the change. However, it’s a bit tricky and challenging for any organization to convince its employees, but then it is a test to your effective leadership as any positive change is highly helpful in making your enterprise a successful organization.

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