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Supercell Co. Keeps Making a Gigantic Progress

Supercell is the most eminent mobile game development company which was basically founded in June 2010 in Finland. The company initially started with a game called as guunshine.net. From the year 2011 the company started making interactive games for mobile devices and since then it has released 4 successful games like Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Clash Royale which are four free premium games and have helped to earn a large amount of revenue of approx. 2.5 million in a day during the year 2013.

A very popular game called as “HAY DAY” was released on June 21, 2012, on IOS as well as android. After this, the game called “CLASH OF CLANS” was further released on august 2, 2012. It is an online game where the player defends himself and attacks the bases of other players simultaneously. This game had earned positive feedbacks from the audience across the world.

It got a score of 9/10 by the pocket gamer. After this the game called “BOOM BEACH” was released by a super cell in the year 2014 on IOS as well as android. The main aim of this game is to defeat Mr. Hammer man and Dr. Terror. The game “CLASH ROYALE” was soft-launched by Supercell on February 16th; 2016.This game was mainly launched in India, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy etc. After this, the game became globally popular on IOS as well as Android.

The advertisement of all these games for instance Clash of clans was one of the most sought after advertisements out of the 61 spots aired on NBC. Many commercials of this company have also been aired on YouTube channel officially so far and have made total revenue of 105.4 million. Apart from the huge success of this commercial Supercell company has witnessed a marginal increase in its revenue by all these games.

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In the recent times, Supercell has generated around 2.3 billion dollars in the terms of revenue and had earned a marginal profit of around $ 64 million in the last year. This company is far more of worth than the companies like Eventbrite and Buzz feed. The above-mentioned games have been released by this company and because of it, the company has achieved great heights in terms of revenue and profit. This makes each Supercell employee earn more than $5 million. These gaming applications have been performing exceptionally well in terms of interactivity and stunning graphics.

In fact, the developers in china had released a copycat version of these games to the piggy bank after the huge success of Supercell games. The above-mentioned games namely Clash of Clans, Boom beach, Hay Day and Clash Royale are free to download on your device and one can make money through the in-app purchases itself.

The average value of the in-app purchases increased when the players were paying more money. Although the users who have become accustomed to playing these games are paying money each time for up gradation of the games, but the amount of revenue generated is quite large. Supercell has therefore kept pace with the increasing demand of its games and is very well maintaining its reputation being one of the most demanding and largest mobile gaming companies by far.