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This Summer Season Brings New Innovation to Water Sports

Water Sports: Water sports are those enticing activities which capture the attention of every individual. In India, water sports have occupied a predominant space including river rafting, undersea diving which are most prevalent in India. If you want to enjoy the shades of nature, you can definitely go for water sports. One of the most common water sport is swimming which can be conveniently and safely done at any place.

In scorching heat, swimming in a pool can prove to be bliss. All you need is a good swimsuit and swimming goggles which help you enhance the efficiency of your swimming movements. In India, a lot of innovations have been developed in science and technology which has made it easier to make swimming altogether a new and enriching experience. Following inventions have been made:-

A COMPACT PADDLEBOARD:  Standup paddle boarding has become an increasingly efficient activity and also eminent in different parts of the world. All you need to do is stand on the surfboard and paddle across the sea. It is one of the great ways to enjoy the ocean waves. Millions of paddleboats have been sold in the year 2015.The whole built is rigid and strong enough to give a smooth glide and ensure balance and stability. It can be neatly fit into the bag pack by adjusting it once it is deflated.

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IMPROVED SWIMBOT: Swim bait is mainly designed to instantly correct your swimming technique and movements. This is accompanied by sophisticated sounds while altering your movements’. It has also got several 3-D tutorials which can help you to teach perfect swimming techniques. Many professional athletes and Olympic champions have fully tested it. With its help, you can collect and retain your ideal stroke patterns. It is a 60 gm wearable device which acts as your personal swim coach teaching proper breathing techniques and controlling and regulating your body movements. An instant feedback can also be taken while the device is analyzing your movements with sounds. This tool teaches a better breathing technique where you can review your progress over Bluetooth. You can also share your performance with other swimmers and compare your progress with them so as to know whether you are on the right track or not. So, swim bait acts as a great device for swimmers.

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GOGGLES WITH CORRECT LENSES: A pair of goggles with interchangeable lenses has also been developed with the help of which you can easily view under variant light conditions. The swimmers who are short sighted can also view by making use of corrective lenses. To swim anywhere at any time of the day, you can wear your goggles and fit your lenses as per your vision into it. The independent lens system allows your visual correction according to your sight.

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THE SPONGESUIT: A bathing suit is always a prerequisite to a good swimming. It is very revolutionary now- a -days because it absorbs all the pollutants. This sponge suit which has been developed to enable effective and an efficient swimming is made up of porous material and is fully hydrophobic. This sponge suit also acts as a guard against any water hazards that could probably happen while you are swimming.