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Students Developed $300 Million Device Designed To Prevent Death from Stabbing

The stabbing attacks in Israel are making news headlines around the world.

It causes several deaths due to the slow process of medication which could otherwise have been prevented. To deal with this, a group of students along with professors at Hebrew University in Jerusalem came up with an innovative device. This device helps in dealing with the problem of collapsed lungs – pneumothorax. ThoraXS is a life-saving device which can decrease the number of casualties and save many lives.

The Invention

This device has taken a life-saving role as it helps in coping with the problem of the collapsed lungs. Popularly known as pneumothorax, this is a condition in which air is trapped between the space separating the lungs and chest wall.

The effect

When the air is trapped between lungs and chest wall cannot escape the chest trauma begins and the victim suffocates ultimately collapsing. The stabbing conditions mostly in battlefields and terrorist attacks which cause death could have been prevented if the condition of pneumothorax didn’t arise.

Overall treatment

The treatment is divided into two parts and each of the parts is designed in such a way that it helps in utilizing minimum time to recover the damage done. The first step includes decompression of a needle between the abdominal and neck. This is where the vital organs including lungs are located.

The next step includes the process of tissue separation by the means of tube insertion. This process takes about 10 minutes of time. It is essential to drain a certain amount of air and blood from the lungs after the stabbing. Without this procedure, the lungs will not be able to re-inflate.

This new-age invention is drastically reducing the time of chest tube insertion. It certainly is a new step to save more lives and prevent a considerable amount of deaths.

Identifying the difference

The device named as ThoraXS is smartly designed in a knife shape form. This unique shape helps it in penetrating in the pleural space with ease. The main difference of this device with the others lies in the time taken for insertion. It has a mechanical opening mechanism and that helps in easy opening of the portal which is used to push the chest tube inside the body of the victim. It can easily be said this is a single stop solution for treating pneumothorax and saving lives.

Team of inventors

The invention of this device is not the brainchild of a single person but cumulative effort of a group of researchers. The team researched under the leadership of Dr. Ariel Drori who is an internal medicine expert at the Hadassah University Medical Centre. The team included Dr. Liran Levy, a Hadassah pulmonologist, students YoavKan-Tor, Bettina Nadorp and Chen Goldstein, a Hebrew University MBA student.

Judging the market potential

This device is certainly a life-saving one which has a wide scope of growth in the future. Thus, it is no wonder that the annual market potential of this device is estimated at $300 million. The inventors are actively seeking investment from different organizations to further develop the device and enhance its accuracy.