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Startup Trends to Watch in 2017 Revealed

2017 is fast approaching and thus, it is the perfect time to have a look at some amazing trends that will show the face of the next year. The startup ecosystem is evolving so fast and thus, there are some startup trends which will dominate the ecosystem of newly established firm in 2017:

Going Digital Is The Most Important Thing

The occurrence of telephone connection in India made it the luxurious thing and at that time many people were not able to afford it. If a report is to be believed there was a 10 year wanting period in order to get the connection and yes, the service was dreadful. However, with time, the breeze of mobile came in India which took away the landline connection and enabled people to embrace cellular connections. Mobile paves the way for new innovations and now it has become the indispensable part of everyone’s life.

On the other hand, the Digital India Program of government made it clear that people are realizing the importance of going digital and it is said that nowadays, it has gone mainstream because in a country like India by going digital you will get a large number of services as well as amenities. It is said that mainstream adoption of technologies like SasS as well as mobility solutions in both small and medium enterprises will be a huge reality in the year 2017.

“C” Is Known As The Citizen Instead Of Consumer

Many newly established firms have shifted their attention on difficulties or the challenges faced by the citizens of the country. There are many new companies that have a paradigm shift in their target audience. This is because when every business focuses on its customers, new firms of 2016 wanted to focus on society as their customer base, which made a huge difference. Hence, this is one of the biggest startup trends that one can expect to play out in 2017.

Innovation In Retail, Fintech And Healthcare

The healthcare sector is huge and everyone will get to see many new happenings in this sector in the next year. However, innovation is not about finding a new molecule for a new medicine, but it is around new devices and using technology in order to bring in a new dimension for care. Likewise, innovation around retail has drastically shifted from eCommerce to adopting artificial intelligence and also on-demand customization of fashion for coming up with the next set of solutions.

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Digital Wallets, Virtual Reality and IoT Are Expanding

With the entire cashless transaction drive, digital wallets have found a new lease of life and many people are understanding the importance of a digital wallet and it can be a sector of keen interest in the next year. Talking about IoT, the most popular application were in the wearable space such as Fitbit as well as GOQii have carved a niche. On the other hand, VR is widely used in entertainment,  healthcare and in 2017, you can expect more mainstream apps of VR.

So, as we all usher in 2017, we should all brace ourselves to watch these startup trends in 2017.