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SK Telecom Bringing world’s first 5G technology Soon

5G Technology:

SK Telecom Co., a prominent mobile carrier of South Korea has recently announced that they’ll reveal the world’s first 5th Generation (5G Technology) mobile communication service at the upcoming Mobile World Congress which will be help in Barcelona, Spain. SK Telecom is predicted to occupy a top position in the growing competition among the worldwide global communication operators. They are striving to expand themselves as a leading provider of the hi-tech wireless network services so far. Soon they’re going to show the latest wireless network technology capable of delivering a speed over 200 times faster than the present LTE network.

As per the news, on the opening day of the well-known annual trade fair for the mobile industry occurring between Feb 22 to 25, SK Telecom will reveal the world’s first communications technology that offers data speed of up to 20 GBPS (gigabits per second). In the past, many companies tried to obtain 5G technology, but all in vain. However everyone has fell short of meeting the speed requirement set by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) that the service network must serve with the speed of 20Gbps. SK Telecom along with Intel Corporation and Nokia Corporation has worked for the upcoming big showcase.

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Last year, at the Mobile World Congress top mobile carrier showed a 7.55 Gbps data transmission speed telecommunications technology. If SK Telecom successfully accomplishes the first phase of the latest 5G development in its technology next week, it will then solidify its footing as a prominent developer of the future/next-generation telecommunications technology.

Meanwhile, along with the ever-growing competition across the global mobile operators in introducing wireless network technology, its 5G service is identified as the next-generation mobile telecommunications service.  It can provide a network with more than 200 times quicker than today’s LTE networks and also, over 1,000 times better in data capacity.

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With 5G wireless system, for instance, users can download a 2-GB movie in less than 1 second, and an 18 GB UHD (Ultra high definition) video in 7.5 seconds. In today’s LTE network scenario, it takes almost 8 minutes for downloading a UHD content and around 2.47 hours using 3G service. With 5G service, it is expected to let users transfer high volume data in a very quick way, allowing the execution of virtual reality, 3-D telemedicine and hologram technologies.

It is expected that SK Telecom will offer a kick-start trial of the latest technology by offering 5G network-based contents by applying virtual reality and hologram technologies through 20Gbps communications. According to a spokesperson of SK Telecom, the company is planning to provide a 3-D hologram of Barcelona’s leading tourist attraction websites, just similar to a scene from a movie.

The mobile carriers are also planning of introducing a new platform service like ‘Magic Table’ that will automatically suggest a recipe to the customer when putting raw ingredients on the plate. According to SK Telecom, it was quite difficult to show hologram technology in the previous wireless communications environment as it needs the transmitting of high-volume data. On the upcoming Mobile World Congress, SK Telecom is on the preparation to show what the world of 5G network or technology will be like!


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