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RocketSpace to Open Campus for Innovative Tech Startups

ABOUT ROCKETSPACE: RocketSpace is basically a technology campus whose headquarters are located in San Francisco. Since the year 2011, the company has been helping as well assisting many technical entrepreneurs and other professionals who are willing to innovate in their startups and bring future into the market.

Multifarious services are provided to its members like consulting, conducting events, programming which altogether creates a perfect community for infusing fresh and innovative ideas. These startups include UBER, Spotify, Leap Motion, Practice Fusion etc.


RBS is a UK-Based banking and a financial company which is headquartered in Edinburgh. It provides a wide and huge range of products and services to their large commercial and institutional customers like the Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest and other widely known brands including Ulster Bank and Coutts.

RBS and RocketSpace are planning to open a joint working space in London at the beginning of the year 2017.The workspace provider in San Francisco said that this space would be specially designed in order to facilitate the operations for high-growth tech startups.

  • This new workspace will be able to accommodate minimum 1500 members who can get access to various kinds of services and amenities like internet connection, café, big and networking events, and large networking space. Apart from this, peer group round tables shall also be provided for trend talks and other services.
  • This working space will be of close proximity to angle tube station. Approximately the team of 1to 100 people will be provided the space in London by RocketSpace. The access to company clients like Tata communication, Lufthansa cargo etc shall be provided.
  • RocketSpace founder and CEO said “It is very imperative to create a kind of physical presence for expansion and growth strategy and providing a congenial environment for innovative ideas to emerge across a huge range and network of campuses.
  • Moreover, RocketSpace has given access to the resources when the first San Francisco office had opened and it proved to be a great source of growth. “This campus will be the first international space for the rocketspace. There has been a lot of support in the expansion and growth of rock space which is the UK trade and investment in London. From the start of its launching in 2011, RocketSpace members have included more than 750 startups and 16 unicorns including Uber , supercell and Spotify.
  • RocketSpace has chosen UK as their first office which is outside of US said by the chief administrative officer of RBS. To enable stronger links with new startups, it has been spotted that technology industry will be the main area for growth and community members of RBS are very much enthusiastic of placing the Rocket Space over here.
  • This is because technology industry will be a key growth area for the UK in the coming years. The location will provide the member’s access to leading global corporations as well. RocketSpace has helped more than 120 corporations into startup ecosystem in their industry.