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Profitable Lessons in Mobile App Marketing Your Competitors can Teach

Today, modern technology is changing the working scenario and in this world of technology, websites are not sufficient for increasing the profit margin of your business. Due to this, everyone requires a mobile application, but it is important for marketers to understand that in mobileĀ app marketingĀ there is need to understand the market trends and their competitors. They cannot afford to ignore this step as skipping it leads to a major fail of your marketing campaign. It is believed that if marketers are not able to analyze their competitors properly, then apps undoubtedly overlook essential details and as a result, they usually fail to learn about the performance of their own products and several ways for its improvement.

Mobile apps are considered as the future of effective and profitable online product marketing and thus, it is crucial to know the starting point of performing an efficient audit. Here, your competitors can teach you some important lessons about mobile app marketing:

Take a Glimpse of different products and explain your brand

After having a look at different products and knowing your competitors, your next step is to see their target audience and the main function of an app. This is because every mobile app includes several features and functions, but the most important is always one. Analyzing the target audience is very important as this will help you in knowing that there are many apps which are based on same concept, but are aimed at different users. With the help of this you can define your own target audience and have the chance of developing your brand.

Develop Additional Features

It is seen that customers are most likely to trust recommendations which they receive from someone about their desired products and services in comparison to suggestions or recommendations they receive from the brand. As per marketers, this is known as a social proof. On the other hand, mobile marketers believe that the best way to make your esteemed customers talk about your app is to provide them additional features, offer and other useful free stuff. You can check some add-ons of your competitors and don’t forget to add any one or two to your mobile app.

Consider both Online and Offline Experience

While creating a marketing plan for your mobile strategy, there is a need to put emphasis on both online as well as offline experience. With the help of online platform, you are able to share information about your offerings through social media. On the other hand, offline user experience should not bring challenges to your customers when there is no availability of Internet. There should be consistency with both experiences.

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It is important for you to analyze the applications your competitors develop and check whether they have any tie-ups that allow clients in using the application offline or not.

Find your competitor’s source of earning

To know the main source of your competitor’s revenue, it is good to analyze their monetizing models. You can also compare prices of their products with average market prices. If in case, you find that the price is higher, then your duty is to find additional features which make their clients pay more.

Stand apart from your competitors

Your application needs to be very different from the other apps of that kind so that you can convince your potential clients that your app is worthy of their attention and for this, you can use some visual elements for giving a small push to your product. A mobile marketer should analyze the visual aspect of all the competing apps so that you can create something very unique.

Check promotional strategy of your competitors

Find out the effective ways your competitors are using to communicate with their target audience. In addition, you should also know which social media platforms they are using? Check all the main features of your application and don’t forget to choose the platform as per those features. Social media strategies should also be checked properly. There is a need to monitor all the different different type of content which they share. For instance, they might post articles, case studies or blogs. They can also post jokes or wonderful photos as a part of their effective marketing strategy. It is good for you to find out which type of content is preferred by the target audience of your competitors.

Check your competitor reviews by the app review websites

You can gain high number of downloads as well as clicks for mobile apps by renowned websites. There is no denying in the fact that more and more people will trust your service if they see information on media resources such as niche related news or press. If you find out that your competitors have already reached out to the media, then you have to work hard in order to catch up with them.

The mobile app marketing plan of your company should include a detailed analysis of your competitor’s services and ways for promoting them. You will be able to improve your strategies in the future by learning more about weaknesses as well as strengths of their offerings.