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Popular Tech Skills in the Marketplace To Get the Desired Job

When it comes to recruitment, companies are looking for candidates with soft-skill basics such as the ability to work properly, communicate effectively, ability to work under pressure and in team. However, talking about recruitment in technical companies, technical know-how will give you a competitive edge in the job market. However, the requirements of IT companies changes every day and as a result, the tech skills that were very demanding a year ago have now become completely obsolete. Hence, it is important to know IT skills that are required by IT firms.  

Listed below is a list of some popular tech skills that you might want to include in your resume in order to become the part of the digital bandwagon:

Digital Marketing

There are many people who are joining digital marketing classes so as to learn the way of getting likes on his instagram posts. It is said that the way of developing a favorable online presence either for yourself or for your firm will be considered by the companies while making any recruitment. This is a very demanding skill in the marketplace.

On the other hand, if you are planning to become a digital marketing expert, make sure to know about PPC, digital analytics, mobile marketing, conversion optimization as well as content marketing etc. Knowing these skills will distinguish you from rest of the people and also help you in making an interesting profile.

Cloud Computing and Salesforce

Today, people store less data on their hard disk drive and more on the cloud. Sotware-as-a-services such as Amazon Web Services, Salesforce and Dropbox have made it very convenient to store information in the cloud. However, companies are in the search of in-house cloud specialists in order to handle all their accounts.

Project Management

This is considered as one the best skills in the marketplace as it involves coordination between team members and precise expectation management. A certificate program in PMP, which is known as the world’s foremost project methodology is considered as the fastest way to become well-versed with this IT skill. ¬†There is no exaggeration in saying that people who have have mastered this skill can handle fast iteration.

Mobile App Development

Talking about mobile app development, knowledge of Android operating system and UI is very important. In addition, fluency with MySQL and Javascript should not be overlooked. App development skill to your skillset can add feather to your cap.

Big Data

Most of the companies are looking for the employees who have the ability to interpret vast amount of data and the knowledge of bringing data to life. Good Big Data certification training is the best way to gain knowledge about this tech skill.

Leading corporates appreciate employees who are aware with the above-mentioned skills or are willing to learn. Hence, certification is the only desired way to gather knowledge and prove efficiency. Today’s companies value knowledge over experience, so know about new IT skills and become the first choice of renowned IT companies.