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Order Pizza on Facebook by Linking PayPal Account

Today, a large number of customers are reaping the benefits of mobile payment solutions. This means that many people can now simply hold up their mobile phones rather than handing over dollar bills or pulling out a credit card. Mobile payment plans don’t require sophisticated technical knowledge in order to implement and thus, many people have been very quick to adopt the new technology. It is believed that the mobile payment technology plays a pivotal role in accepting more payment types and in broadening their customer base to a great extent. With the growing popularity of this technology, PayPal and Facebook are joining hands in order to make the mobile payments much easier. According to PayPal, due to their joint partnership, consumers can easily make payments through the Facebook as well as the Facebook Messenger mobile apps.

In the coming days, Facebook users will be able to link their PayPal account to Facebook and Facebook Messenger and this paves the way for ordering a pizza, booking an appointment in a hair salon and buying a movie ticket without leaving the app. However, PayPal hasn’t pioneered transactions through Facebook Messenger as last month, Facebook came up with a “Buy Now” button that enable brands to sell their products and in the starting of this year, Burger King accepted payments through Messenger. The advantages of this amazing feature is first being rolled out to U.S. customers with a Facebook and PayPal account. As per Anuji Nayar, PayPal’s head of global initiatives, the main motive of launching this feature is to give customers the chance of conducting commerce from anywhere. As more and more people are using mobile phones for every single task and thus, the idea of using desktop or laptop for commerce is going away and it is also said that in the coming year, mobile payments are expected to witness half of all digital transactions.

PayPal includes a list of about 167 million active consumer accounts and about 15 million merchants and it is seen that about 30% of PayPal payments are done on mobile platforms and the company is looking forward to increase the percentage through this partnership and thus, strive to include all possible methods. On the other hand, there are approximately 1.57 billion monthly active users of social media site, whereas Messenger has about 1 billion monthly active users. Over a billion messages are exchanged between people and businesses of all sizes every month and the main reason behind this is being a convenient place to interact. Facebook users are not able to link their PayPal accounts to Messenger, but are also able to manage their receipts within the app.