home Technology One Stop Shop for ‘Apple App Developers’ Set To Takes Roots in Bengaluru in Early 2017

One Stop Shop for ‘Apple App Developers’ Set To Takes Roots in Bengaluru in Early 2017

Apple has recently announced their intentions of starting an ‘App Design and Development Center in Southern India and further developments have resulted in Bangalore being selected as the ideal location.

The announcement came shortly after the Apple CEO, Tim Cook visited India for the first time. This comes as a global recognition to the vast multitude of talented developers in the country. Tim Cook will meet up with Narendra Modi regarding this new venture and also with other business leaders including Tata Group chairman Cyrus Mistry. The new venture also indicates that Apple is genuinely interested in the market potential that India has to offer.

What Tim Cook Says

The Apple CEO was not short of superlatives when asked about India. Cook believes that India houses a huge number of talented iOS development communities and it has been a rather untapped resource till now. The new App Development Centre shall provide the vibrant developers in India, with the tools that will enhance their understanding of the operating system as well as inspire them to conjure better innovative products for customers all around the world. Cook also stated that Apple has taken a step back in India to ensure a strategic approach to the businesses here and that the app development center is the brainchild of such a motive. “Apple is not planning to stay here for a quarter or 2-quarters or the next quarter or the next year, we are here for thousand years and so we’re not about making the most, we’re about making the best”, Cook reckons.

The Current Action Plan

As per Apple officials, the new center will be a ‘Design and Development Accelerator’. The officials plan on conducting briefing sessions weekly and also arrange one-on-one app reviews for developers. The program also aims at imparting sufficient knowledge on ‘Swift’, Apple’s programming language. This can be of great use to beginners who wish to take up careers in iOS development. Apple also plans on introducing refurbished iPhones to India. They have already approached the Government officials regarding the matter. It can be a great step to success in a country that is very watchful about what figures are on the price tags. However, local manufacturers are likely to oppose such a proposition.

The Future Of Apple In India

Recent reports by developer job portal show that available jobs that require the knowledge of ‘Swift’ has risen by 600 percent in 2015. Apple currently accounts for only 2% of the market shares in India. Proposals for iPhones under a 100$ have been looming large on the company’s doorstep. It won’t be long before the company opens this window of possibilities.

Concluding Note

With Apple stores all set to make its mark in the country, bright is the future of Apple in India. No other country can offer such a wide combination of possibilities. The year 2017 will mark the beginning of a new era for Apple in the field of app development in the 1.25 billion strong India.