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MSI Starts Shipping a Contemporary Gaming Tower: Vortex

MSI has recently started shipping Vortex gaming tower which a Mac pro system this year. The PC comes with varied technical specifications like it has got a top end Intel processor, a dual NVIDIA Ge forces GTX 980 SLI graphics and a 360-degree silent storm cooling design for a better and efficient performance under the most strenuous sessions of games. One can also do multitasking in a very lucid way by upgrading designs for DIY users.

The shipping has been recently started in the US. Other specifications include 4 Ghz core i7, a Dual g-force GTX 960 Graphics, has a ram of 1 GB AND two 128 GB SSD’S which will cost approximately $2199.The one having a 32 GB ram will cost around $3999. Some more specifications include:

1. It available on window 10 home and window 10 pro with latest 6th generation Intel core i7 processor. It has also got NVIDIA GE force GTX 980 Graphics, SLI. Along with, this it has a refined gaming desktop with 6.5 liters and 2.8 cm high chassis.

2. It has an exclusive super RAID 4 with thunderbolt 3 supporting 40 GBPS ultra speed data transfer rates, a DUAL 4k monitor output with a portable charging power up to 5V/3A.

3. Other distinctive features also include a USB type-C reversible plug with a storm cooling technology creating a rotating column airflow with ensures an ultra cooling efficiency. It has also got a 2*killer E2400 gigabit LAN controller with advanced stream detects 2.0

4. A killer wireless C 1535 which supports a multi-use MIMO is also present. It has an x spilt game caster which offers a free premium license for 1 year.

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5. The tower PC makes use of a technology called 360-degree silent storm which sucks in the air and swings it around throughout the case which prevents it from overheating. The air is also exhausted outside which makes sure that the whole system is cooled.

The MSI vortex mini gaming PC is giving a tough competition to the apples Mac pro. The system is mainly aimed at the professionals. On the other hand, the vortex is a full-fledged device which is a fully gaming-focused device.

If we compare the features of the device with some other, then this device stands out exceptionally well. The casing of the device has got two fans. The bottom fan and the top fan located at the mount top which is used as a cooling solution for the whole hardware. It also supports over clocking and the hardware is packed to support the company.

The system will be provided with two designed SKU’S. The second system will come with core i5 class processor and DUAL GE force GTX 960M GPUS from the skylake family. The solution gives countless room for upgrades because it comes with LGA 1151 socket. Along with the MXM modules, better graphic modules can be obtained which users can easily upgrade. The current price is lesser than the initial price which was $2999 in the year 2013.The system further packs a quad-core Xeon E3 chip along with the Fire pro-D300 graphics solution along with having 2GB GDDR5 memory.


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