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How Microsoft Hololens Will Re-Invent TableTop Gaming?

Microsoft Hololens : Tabletop gaming has always been associated with classic old board gaming like Monopoly, Life and Ludo.

Casino board games also come to mind. These board games were family and friend inclusive and were the favourite pastimes when it came to indoor gaming.

With the advent of new technology, video gaming took over with the majority of gaming taking place on computers, Xbox, playstation and phones. Gamers can participate in games with or against each other from any part of the world causing tabletop gaming to take a backseat. The concept of indoor gaming has been kept alive through several online portals. Casino games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat can be played in live online settings but it isn’t the same as sitting down to play at a table.

Microsoft has now brought tabletop gaming back into the limelight through its newly introduced headset called the Microsoft Hololens. Microsoft Hololens is the first completely unbound, holographic computer, which allows you to interact with highly detailed holograms in your environment. Gamers around the world have been waiting for a fully immersive gaming experience and Microsoft Hololens will be providing just that. Imagine holographic images of your favourite tabletop games in your room while you play along with your family or friends present in any part of the world. Imagine an image of a casino table on your coffee table with you or your friends placing bets or throwing dice. All this is possible now and more. These images will be a part of your reality making the play of old traditional tabletop games highly fascinating. Microsoft recently released a demo of a version of Minecraft running on its augmented reality headset providing a small insight into endless possibilities. This advent in technology will bring back board gaming into vogue for sure.

Microsoft hololens

The main feature of Microsoft Hololens is its augmented reality. Augmented reality often gets confused with virtual reality, which is a wholly different concept. Virtual reality offers a thoroughly immersive experience into the world that does not exist. The Facebook-owned headset, Oculus Rift, provides a gamer with a plain virtual reality experience. In comparison, Microsoft Hololens allows the user to view reality with digital alterations. It’s a combination of virtual reality mixed with the users own surroundings making it a unique experience. One of the games introduced for HoloLens is Yu-Gi-Oh! with chess. Yu-Gi-Oh is a famous card game which can now be played with a digitally inclusive experience. The game includes highly defined monsters which slash and fight against each other while they stay on the board.

The potential tabletop games that can be played are limitless. To name a few-

  • Board games like monopoly, chess, battleship, etc
  • Tabletop games like Warhammer, Dungeons and Dragons, etc
  • Card games like Magic : The Gathering, Hearthstone, etc.

To sum up, we can re-experience tabletop gaming with family and friends with the help of a headset which will simulate sitting at a table with your loved ones although with a unique and exceptional twist.