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Meet Zen Z Fortuitous Technology Jobs

Today’s technology infused world has opened the doorways to many new jobs. From jobs related to robotics to the booming fashion industry, each and every field is undergoing technical advances and it is but natural that new and trained tech savvy professionals are required to do the jobs.

Below, we have mentioned few tech related jobs that are sure to take the job market by storm in the near future.

3D-printed clothing designer: The fashion world is also rubbing its shoulders with technology and 3-D printed clothes are the latest evidence of the technology driven fashion accessories. 3-D printed designs, jewelry, accessories are creating a huge hype in the fashion industry. 3-D printing looks very trendy & elegant and yet it is quite affordable. Designers with adequate knowledge about 3-D printing have a great future ahead.

Augmented reality architect: Much has been already spoken and discussed about Augmented reality. It has application across entertainment to healthcare. Today AR has a huge opportunity for designers and tech freaks who are interested to explore the untouched world of creating new experiences.

E-commerce business manager: This one is the most common and it needs, particularly less technical skills as compared to others. There is a wave of e-commerce business and more and more startups are jumping into this model. Business managers well versed in SEO, online and email marketing tactics, and content management and distribution are coming out on top in competitive e-commerce careers.

Certified UAV pilot: Unmanned automatic vehicles or drones, as commonly called, are currently in huge demand as they are used in several other fields including the armed forces. Today, even industries use drones to transport goods and commodities to their warehouse. The certified pilots who can control and fly drones would be in high demand in near future.

Smart city urban planner:

As more and more cities are to be converted into smart cities, the need of smart city planners is increasing substantially.Today, the architects and city planners have a lot to do other than just considering the traffic and drainage system. These future focused planners have to think about the ways how buildings, streets and even parking lots will incorporate smart technologies and have to adjust infrastructure accordingly. Other than this, there is a steady requirement of environmental specialists too, as smart cities would have a totally different infrastructure as compared to the traditional cities.

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Big data architect: Data analysis has moved to the large-scale. Companies today are trying their level best to get and store as much data as possible and making the most of data. If you are being able to interpret the amount of data required for a particular job done, then you have an opportunity to be a big data architect.

Conclusion: Technology is making a huge impact on our lives and even more on the lives of seasoned professionals and young job seekers. Staying ahead of the curve and keeping pace with the above mentioned technologies would help you land a job in a lucrative tech-focused field.


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