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Marketing Predictions to Watch in 2017

Marketers are on their way to use ever-increasing number of channels as well as devices in order to reach and engage with customers in a streamlined manner. However, the marketing landscape is continuously evolving and staying updated with the latest market trends is a fruitful way for them to follow best practices as well as technologies in their strategies. With the arrival of the new year, new opportunities also knock your door in order to make necessary adjustments to your strategy. Everyone is predicting marketing trends for the next year, but this article has already come up with some marketing predictions to look out for in the year 2017:

The Time of Automation

Business is moving at a rapid pace and thus, there is no time time to do things in a complicated way. This is a very obvious thing which almost every marketing department has expected. 2017 will be the year when the whole marketing team will move from painful, time-consuming and restrictive spreadsheets. This means that in the coming year, marketers need to become super-connected and should make an investment in a platform that connects to Skype and Slack etc.

Neglection of Super-Suppliers for Experts

You are seeing that marketing department is becoming savvy and thus, in 2017, popular brands will avoid software and all those applications that provide everything in one place so as to work with specialist who provide cost-effective solutions. Entrepreneurs are showing their interest in working with best people with the motive to maximise the return on investment.

Less Return On Investment From Email

This is a very tough thing for all those business owners who lives and breathes in email marketing. Email service providers are becoming very harsh and without a doubt making it very difficult for the recipient to receive the legitimate emails in his or her inbox. Spam folders are not the only one that pose threat, but the clutter folders will also bring some hazards in the coming year. Hence, there is no exaggeration in saying that the same return cannot be expected with the same tool. This means that marketing department should improve their email practices.

Increased Investment In Mobile Marketing

Mobile has been making waves for numerous years and will continue to grow when talking about email open rates. In the next year, devices as well as browsers will become even more powerful. Therefore, it is very important for marketers to stay updated with the evolving mobile tech developments.

The Era of Machine Learning

In the next year, you will see automation engines making use of unparalleled intelligence for getting a deep insight into user’s behavioural patterns and in determining optimal engagement etc. in real time. Thus, this enable entrepreneurs to be on the forefront of their industry and come up with the things which are required by people much before their competitors. Furthermore, brands will be able to have a clear understanding of the strategies of their competitors and accordingly can make changes to their methods. Hence, there is no exaggeration in saying that this will add value to their businesses.

All the above-mentioned are some of the marketing prediction for 2017, which every marketer should check properly.