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Major CyberSecurity Challenges of 2017

With 2017 fast approaching, it is the time of year to invoke the dark arts of prediction and strive to determine what the next year will have for us. However, for cybersecurity, predicting the future is not as scientific as determining the next major earthquake or hurricane. If cybercrime needs to be prevented, cybersecurity challenges should be treated much more seriously. It is said that in many ways the hackers have more chances to attack. Devices used to access systems and data remotely can leave the door open and this leads to vulnerabilities.

Intel Security released its McAfee Labs 2017 Threats prediction report, which identifies some of the most dangerous threat trends to watch in 2017:

  • Ransomware will remain the most important threat of the year 2017. Its impact across all sectors as well as geographies will surely force the security industry to take decisive decisions. However, there is a prediction that with the development and release of antiransomware technologies and with continued law enforcement actions, there will be a reduction in the volume of ransomware attacks by the end of 2017.
  • Drones which started as a fun toy or kids and a little expensive hobby for enthusiasts has taken off. They are on the way to become a major tool for shippers, law enforcement agencies and many more. As per a recent report, there were a case of drone outfitted with a full hacking suite that would allow it to land on the roof of business or infrastructure, attempting to hack into the local wireless network. There is a prediction that in 2017 drone exploit toolkit will find ways to the dark corners of the Internet and once toolkits start making the rounds, you will see drone-related incidents.  
  • Talking about Cloud security and the Internet of Things, McAfee Labs gave predictions for the next two to four years, which includes economic, policy, threat as well as the regional trends. By gathering insights from Intel Security researchers, the responses will be expected to see from device manufacturers, security vendors as well as cloud service providers.
  • In 2017, mobile ransomware will continue to grow but the focus will change. This is because mobile devices are generally backed up to the cloud and the success of direct ransom payments to unlock devices is less. Hence, mobile attacks will combine mobile devices with credential theft and this will enable cyber thieves to access credit cards and bank accounts, making it one of the biggest cybersecurity challenges.
  • The ad wars are heating up between audience and advertisers who strives to provide ads and accumulate telemetry on user behavior. It is said that in the year 2017, ad wars will increase at a rapid pace and new techniques adopted by advertisers to deliver ads will be used by attackers in order to boost malware delivery capabilities.  
  • The amount of data collected about users has increased rapidly and this data has helped in improving health, reach any destination and many more. As per a prediction, in 2017, hacktivists will use the data to educate users and this will occur by gaining access from some of the cloud services that contain consumer data. Hacktivists will then take steps to expose your personal data with the motive to generate consumer outrage.

Above-mentioned are some of the cybersecurity challenges that should not be overlooked and cybersecurity professionals should make sure that our enemies do not get the upper hand.