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LG & Google in Alliance to Release Nexus 7

Nexus 7: The contribution of LG Company towards the development of nexus devices has been quite significant. Therefore, Google has decided to expand its partnership with this company because this will prove to be conducive towards the development of new devices. LG Company has by far succeeded in developing two successful mobile devices namely Nexus 4 and Nexus 5.

Google nexus is one of the most influential android operating systems which entirely manage the development, production and marketing of all the devices. The devices offer custom graphic user interfaces carrying good and extra branding system. It is quite different including splash screen and CDMA network. It has got end user modification and can receive latest updates on the operating system.

The Nexus 1 was the first ever phone which was produced by HTC and this was launched in the year 2010.It came with android 2.2 “Froyo” software. However; this phone did not render good quality graphics because of which Google was reluctant in extending support towards the production of this model. The android system was 4.0 ice cream sandwich with extra card storage expandability. After this, further few models like Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus were developed. This was mainly made by Samsung Company. After this LG developed Nexus 5 having gorilla glass and IPS enabled touch screen having 32 GB storage and 2GB RAM.

LG electronics and Huawei have been fiercely competing on the same levels with Google developing increasing number of smart phones. It has the facility of doze mode which is capable of being automatically changed to the power saving mode. The app standby mode allows the unused app to stay idle when it is not in the functional mode. Nexus 5X was the third ever smart phone produced in collaboration with Google. LG has also increased its IOX phone business and has been successful in delivering smart phones priced moderately. The model 5X had a very quick user responsive mode having sensors working by finger recognition.

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Google is now planning to produce a more efficient and enhanced version by releasing NEXUS 7 model which is expected to release in the year 2016.The model will encompass the following features:

1) COMPACT AND TOUGH BUILT: The new model of nexus is expected to have a solid built as compared to the first two models which were not much strong and durable in terms of usage. They were considered to be superior models but the NEXUS 7 model is expected to have a classic and a strong built.

2) INNOVATIVE DESIGNS AND LAYOUTS: The nexus tablet is expected to have a look which is good in terms of functionality and elegance. The screen size is good along with easy handy usage for extended periods of time.

3) SUPPORTIVE APPS: The apps will be supported natively with well optimized features. The android powered tablets shall have interactive features along with no scaled up versions of smart phone applications.

4) EXTRA MEMORY: The NEXUS 7 model will include a Micro SD slot in its model which will give the users ample options to make use of extra memory space which could be further expanded for additional storage.


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