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Is Quora Emerging as a Potential Platform for Marketers or Just A fad?

There are many websites that allow users to share questions and answers (on the topics that captivate them) with rest of the world and let the world know about their thoughts. And, one of the key platforms that allow them to do so is – Quora. On Quora you can share the silliest and most random questions like—“What should I eat for lunch today?”—and within no time you’ll get array of most interesting answers that you have imagined.

Quora has achieved popularity in no time. And, the key reason behind its success is – Users find spending time on Quora fun as well as productive. Quora’s huge user base is a result of variety of topics that it covers. Be it food, news, Entrepreneurship, technology to social media marketing, if you can think it, you can probably find a topic feed about it on the Quora. Even you will get a hazy read on whether tomatoes, capsicum, onions, bacon, ham, cheese, corn or cottage cheese are the more popular pizza topping at that particular moment. Quora’s simple UI and huge user base has made it let people enjoy and gain know what others think. The social network is liked by the majority of people who are on a site like Reddit or Voat. And, if talk about the marketing perspective, it has proved helpful for many brands and businesses.

Quora has become one of the most popular Q&A sites that have actually proved helpful for those who are trying to establish a brand.

So, what the heck is Quora?

Quora is started in 2011 by a couple of former Facebook engineers – Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever. They started Quora because they thought that Q & A is one of key areas on the internet, which has huge potential, and where there are a lot of sites like Reddit and Voat is based on, but no one had come along and developed something that is really user-centric, yet. Quora offers a lot of options like questions, answers, blogs, articles, where users can pose questions and get answers on more than 400,000 topics. According to reports and stats – Quora’s base of users grew quickly in December 2010.

Yep, that’s an entire feed devoted to most phenomenal moment in Olympics history.

Like this thread there are thousands of threads active on Quora, which have huge user base and millions of visits. And, that’s make this 10 million visitors per month site worth integrating into your digital marketing efforts.

What makes Quora so Engaging?

Unlike other platforms, Quora is highly engaging and captivates user, which in turn increases user retention. Let’s see what makes it different from many other Q&A sites:

1. Frequent Monitoring and Spam Filtering: The site many adept employs editors, who proofread and monitor posts, which in turn, helps in maintaining quality and filtering spamming.
2. Upvote-Downvote Feature: The upvote-downvote feature helps user in knowing the most popular answers, reviews and questions.
3. Real names and non-promotional profiles: Quora asks for real names to show a brief explanation of the user’s profile. And, if a user answers a question, they are asked to mention their profile. It helps in knowing that the answers given are whether from an experienced person or not, which helps you decide whether to trust their answer or not.

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The simplest way to use Quora: Just post a question; check what people answer to it and up vote or down vote answers accordingly. However, by just up voting and down voting an answer doesn’t qualifies its popularity and success. But it helps.

In recent years, by leveraging Quora’s potential many marketers has started using Quora as a key platform for making their product or service a great hit. Providing thoughtful questions and providing well-written answers — or you can say, sharing useful information that an audience acknowledges and values is what a user is expected to do to make his profile highly visible and popular. For some marketers and gurus working on Quora is something like Sounds exactly like content marketing. And, that’s why they know that – Quora’s potential lies in sharing needful and useful information that an audience wants and values. If your goal is to – establish yourself or your business as a thought leader in your space or industry, and then Quora is worth trying. Additionally, if you are planning to have a business or you have an idea of something you want to start with – then by seeing on Quora, you’ll get in-depth insight into your business ideas and your potential customers’ needs.

For example – if your business provide mobile app services to clients, by setting up an account on Quora, you could check the detailed tips on how to do that, you can check out some of our posts like – Here’s Why Your Business Needs Its Own Mobile App and choose topics like mobile app development, app designing, and testing to follow.

You could add anything else you think might be related.

Quora Mobile App Development feed screen capture

Once you’ll type ‘Mobile App Development’ you’ll find a list of questions that users have asked and, if you find the question you want to ask, you can start contributing right away. And, if you don’t find a question you want to ask, you just jump right in and ask your Question on which you will get many answers very soon. But if you choose to answer a couple of questions, go for it—and think before writing an answer. Like other social media sites, Quora editors really work best to showcase the right and tailored answers of a question.

One of the key factors to consider is to stay focused on authentic and interesting engagement. Always remember Quora is not the place for sales pitches or marketing or branding your brand as it doesn’t encourages even companies to create account. But the community doesn’t like those, and even the editors don’t, either. Using Quora is more of marketing and sales because if people find value in and engages with what you’re saying, undoubtedly, they’ll follow you. And, when the time comes to select a new mobile app development company, or whatever it is you offer, they’ll think of you first.

You want some help with Quora and the rest of your digital marketing strategy? We’d love to help!