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Investment for Startups: Indian Govt to Launch Global Campaign Soon

In order to allure more startups and procurement of capital for initiating and running these startups, government of India has planned to launch a global campaign showcasing India as the most attractive destination to invest for the startups.

Many bids have been invited from creative agencies, advertisement agencies and news portals. The campaign is expected to be launched in both digital as well as domestic markets. In addition to this government has declared that an interactive portal will also be established across all the platforms.

DIPP which is the department of industrial policy and promotion has also said that the strengths and the opportunities available in India shall also be brought into the limelight. Apart from these all the changes which have been brought by the execution of the startup plan shall also be highlighted.


The core objective behind launching of the campaign is to create more and more awareness among the business entrepreneurs about the investment opportunities available in India and successfully study all the future business prospects of the country.

It shall also highlight why India is considered the hub of investments in business ideas and shall prove to be a destination for the new budding business with metamorphic business ideas. Recently, many schemes and incentives to the entrepreneurs have also been announced by prime minister Narendra Modi who had said announced tax incentives for the new startups.


This includes 100 % tax exemptions for 3 years. Apart from this, government has allotted Rs. 500 crores for scheduled castes and scheduled tribes including other small business entrepreneurs, majority being women in India.

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This has been done in order to facilitate growth and development of the business units and offering them lucrative opportunities to enhance their business prospects.


Modi has also announced special Tax holiday and also a 3 year inspector Raj- free regime for the startup companies. The department of policy and promotion has further declare that it would undertake entire responsibilities for developing creatives like brochures, catalogues ,leaflets ,banners etc to the media industries and the prospective investors so that they can gain knowledge and information through this and can thoroughly understand the terms before initiating any kind of investment.


The motive is further to make India as the most favored investment destination. Prior to this Narendra Modi had launched “MAKE IN INDIA” project which captured a lot of interest of people. Modi used his international trips in the last twelve months to portray India as the most favored manufacturing destination which received due appreciation. However, this global campaign is expected to run aggressively involving huge dollars and funds to start up companies in India. In fact a number of countries from almost all over the world have been invited to make their investments.


The department of industrial policy and promotion (DIPP) has also deals with Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) which is a process of creating an interactive portal that would keep a track of investments and also monitor the proposals that shall come in after the campaign has been successfully launched. The government is aiming at the accomplishment of this objective with a lot of interest and vigour.