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Innovative 3D Printed Device For Diagnosis Of Anemia

Anemia is the most prevalent disease in the world now-a-days. It is growing among individuals at an alarming rate. People of almost all age groups who have chronic diseases suffer from anemia. This condition basically crops up when the hemoglobin goes abnormally low and the cells do not receive sufficient oxygen. Women are specifically susceptible to such kind of disease. Even adults are vulnerable to anemic diseases who live under poor medical conditions. Because of limited access to health care, approximately 1.5 billion individuals are suffering from this disease. According to the recent studies which have been carried out, 30 percent of preschool children have been diagnosed with the same. No doubt, Anemia can be treated by taking iron supplements but long term anemic diseases can have serious repercussions on one’s health.

Red blood cells can be lost because of bleeding which gradually increases over a long period of time. A new 3D printed device has been developed for detection of anemia in the developing world. This invention has revolutionized the way people look anemia.This device has the capability to totally create a new modern laboratory. It is the most innovative technique ever discovered under modern science by researchers of Kansas city. They have easily turned up a smart phone into a blood sample analyzer.


This device basically works in a very simple manner. It is specifically designed for diagnosing patient living in small remote areas. It consists of small 3D printed plastic slides which contain micro fluids attached to a smart phone. A small drop of blood sample is needed which is used for a colour based test. This is then further deposited in the 3D printed device slides. It takes only 60 seconds to discover the result and it can be easily read using a smart phone application Anybody can detect anemia using this device in an effortless way just by pricking the finger and taking the blood sample. In many cases, 3D adapters are being increasingly used to transform the smart phones into microscopes for detecting pollutants and allergens in food, the recent one being blood sample analyzer.

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The Kansas state university research foundation is a Non-profit entity which has been by far the most successful organization in carrying out several medical operations and also managing the scientific technology which further transfers the activities for the universities. Researchers have currently received many approvals and testing the samples of the patient from the university of Kansas medical center. This will help a great deal in diagnosing several types of levels of anemia found in the human blood.

There are many companies like CHROMED X which are adapting the pre-existing and relevant diagnostics and had been efficiently translating them into point-of-care devices. This is being done in order to make the entire process durable and side by side also ensuring precise and clear readings.

The team of researchers has also been granted permission to test the prototypes on the collected samples at the university of Kansas medical care center. This research will help them find anemia at different levels. It can also help diagnose the root causes and cures.

People have a fast and easy access to their smart phone so they can make optimum use of this device.