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New Innovations That Microsoft Shall Exhibit In 2016

Microsoft: Before the starting of 2016, Microsoft has witnessed great improvements and success with its new inventions but now the first quarter of 2016 has already passed and in this year too Microsoft brings a good deal of new updates.

The annual conference of Microsoft is yet to be held this year in which significant improvements and updates shall be seen. These are as follow:

INTRODUCTION OF “DARK THEME”: The dark theme for the operating system will be introduced in the conference which is about to be held in 2016. This update will be for windows 10.The color scheme would basically be in a dark shade apart from any personalized applications to which you have assigned colors.

MORE PROMINENT LIST OF APPS: Along with the update in windows 10 system, Microsoft has decided to bring the list of apps in prominence. It has also planned to modify and make amendments in power and setting buttons to utilize and make proper use of space.

PROVIDE BIOMETRIC SECURITY: Microsoft has also decided to provide biometric security to all the applications in windows 10 update. There will be biometric security tools which will eventually replace the password system. These are yet to come into force in the month of July. The windows ink will let he user wire on the devices as they do it on a paper. Developers will get a full access to voice assistant features within their own device.

FASTEST ADOPTION RATE: Microsoft has confirmed that windows 10 shall be having the fastest adoption rate. However, the proper rate in figures has not been declared yet. It has been eight months since windows 10 has been out and today its being used by approximately 250 million users. Users are spending billions of hours on this window. It is on the full track to reach one billion windows 10 devices by next few years.

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IMPROVED FEATURES: In the coming years, Windows 10 will be getting a bundle of new features which could feature the ability to get backups of data for instance passwords, app settings, account data etc. Apart from this, universality would be a part of company’s move.

UWP (UNIVERSAL WINDOWS PLATFORM): The concept of UWP will let the developers develop a device which can function on common platforms like phones, PC’S or any gaming console. Furthermore, additional tools like Monogames will make it easier further to create interactive platforms of games for the users which can be delivered using iOS, android, play station and Linux etc.

Universal Windows Platform

ENHANCED PRODUCTIVITY ON MOBILE DEVICES: The main emphasis will be laid on a one whole unifying experience. This means that there will be a number of tools for creating interactive apps for users. The productivity, entertainment, and content shall be fully focused upon with enabling connectivity across many mobile devices. Google also decided to move from traditional IT setups to a more customized and modern delivery of critical data to the end users and to the enterprise as a whole.

VIRTUAL REALITY: From quite a long period of time, social sites have gained a lot of importance around virtual reality. It has given a platform where virtual and real reality has been delivered to the users for a more interactive and engaging experience.