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Increase Database of Users with Big Data Analytic for Mobile App

The growing demand for smartphone apps lead to the emergence of a wide range of applications for mobile phone in the market. Hence, there are the majority of apps which are struggling to make a consistent user base. It is seen that new user acquisition and steady growth in terms of sales has become a big challenge for several mobile apps. Mobile apps can be benefited through the user insights generated by Big Data analytic as this represents a huge amount of unstructured as well as unspecified digital data that provides social, economic and also behavioral insights for smartphone apps. Hence, there is no exaggeration in saying that marketers should not miss the opportunity offered by Analytic to drive app sales.

Tips To Boost User Acquisition for Mobile Apps Through Big Data Analytic

Finding Customer Opinions

Nowadays, a large number of customers are expressing their views about any service or product on social media and other digital platforms. Their views help in driving user engagement and in acquiring new customers. In this regard, with the help of data analytic, you can know the major reason for the satisfaction and dissatisfaction for users.

Knowing Users of Diverse Culture

Marketers should not forget that knowing about their users and audience is very important for them. However, if your app is for people around the globe, then taking a glimpse of culture-specific demands is crucial. In such scenario, data analytic can help you in knowing the cultural and ethnic factors for making the app popular. You can get insights on features and technical issues like network problems and ban on certain services.

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Deciding The Revenue Model

Determining the best revenue model is of utmost importance. When it comes to choosing the most sought after avenue for revenue, some prefer hefty price tag, whereas some prefer separate free and premium versions. If you are the one who is in the search of a best revenue model for your mobile app then you know that there is a need to compare the models of your competitors. In this regard, you can take the help of analytic. It can help you in analyzing the revenue model of your competitor in a streamlined manner.

In-Depth Insight Into Branding

The brand value plays a vital role in influencing the decision of several users, thus, effective branding is very important for a company. If you are looking forward to use big data analytic to position your branding then this is definitely the best decision. This is because analytic can provide  important information on different brands and their role in adding value to business. Moreover, feedback analysis and opinions on branding are also possible.

Targeted Marketing

If you are targeting the right audience then only you will be able to gain benefits from your marketing strategies. However, a successful marketing can be done only when you have deeper insights about customers. Hence, with the help of robust data analytic, analysis of potential user preferences across digital interfaces can be done. Engagement with certain mobile apps and demographic insights about your target audience can also be accomplished.

Thus, there is no exaggeration in saying that data analytic plays a vital role in user acquisition or in increasing app sales.