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Improve Connectivity Among a Scattered Workforce with Fruitful Ways

Today’s organization workforce is becoming more remote. It is seen that remote workers enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere they choose and have the chance to cut down on time and money spent on transportation. In other words, it gives them a greater sense of work-life balance. However, ┬áthis leads to a Scattered workforce and managing employees who don’t report to the office comes with some challenges. In this regard, communication and tracking productivity are some of the biggest problems of mobile workforce. There are some effective ways to enhance the connectivity among a dispersed workforce:

Use Tools That Fits In A Natural Environment

When employees are not face to face every day, it is very important to have beneficial tools so that managing virtual team can become an easy task. It is important that there is a regular time for reporting the pitfalls and progress to the team and this keeps all the members on  track. Lost productivity is a result of technical complications such as setting-up, managing, administering as well as securing communications. Skype, FaceTime and SnapChat are some popular communication tools in work environment and allow employees to embrace them.

Realize The Importance Of Connectivity

Connectivity plays a pivotal role in enhancing collaboration and therefore, productivity. According to a recent survey, management of an organization spends up to 35 percent of their time in meetings, whereas the executive staff spend up to 50 per cent of their time to know the problems they face while working or for some other professional work. Hence, there is no exaggeration in saying that staying connected with staff, partners as well as customers is of utmost importance.

Minimize The Usage Of Tools

Communication and consumerization gives a lot of options with ease of use, but has also resulted in a crowded and a complicated range of tools. According to a recent report, an average employee uses almost 16 apps at work in which most of the apps represent quality, security, integration as well as management issues for the companies. In the study by Frost and Sullivan, 80 percent of employees make use of non-approved tools and apps while working. This leads to administration confusion, lack of company-wide collaboration and redundant functionality etc. On the other hand, it is definitely very tempting for an employee to use a new IM app, but you should not forget that every new addition comes with a level of complexity and potential risk.

Use Cloud-Based Video Conferencing

Cloud-based video conferencing is an outstanding option for a scattered workforce. This is because the face-to-face interaction enabled by this communication tool is amazing in comparison to other tools such as email, IM apps, voice based conferencing and many more. It has the ability to build better communication across distances.

Check In With Employees Regularly

You should meet your employees on a regular basis either in-person or online. Inviting employees to discuss their thoughts on their projects or on their tasks is a wonderful step. This will improve connectivity among a dispersed workforce in a hassle-free manner.

Wrap Up

These are some of the wonderful ways, which should be followed in order to improve workplace connectivity and to avail advantages of regularly connecting with employees.