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Impressive Tech Startups Founded By Women

Women are breaking all barriers and are earning a respectable position for themselves. Whether it is politics, sports, technology or literature, there is no arena, which hasn’t conquered by women. There is no exaggeration in saying that over the years, women have made great strides in numerous areas with notable progress. Though a large number of constitutional amendments were made for the benefits of women’s social, political and economical, but they were never effective to bring a change in the situation. However, in most of the cases it is seen that women do not wait for the companies to give them the leadership positions they deserve. Hence, they are making a leap into an entrepreneurship. Adriana Gascoigne who is the founder and CEO of Girls in Tech is one of those women who was tired of working in several newly established firms of San Francisco because of being the only women there. However, in 2007, she founded Girls in Tech, which is a global nonprofit that works with the motive to demolish gender disparity in technology. There are some female founded tech startups, which seems like a motivation to all those women who are realizing their entrepreneurial dreams:

Dot Laboratories

Dot offers diagnostic test and monitoring of endometriosis. As per Gascoigne’s words, there are many women who are suffering from this problem and it has taken years in order to get diagnosed. Dot labs for women health is building a path for early awareness.


This platform allows students to share their application materials, test scores, extracurriculars and every single detail about the application process, enabling applicants to make better decisions. As per  Gascoigne, this startup is making it easier for students to get admitted to colleges.

Give InKind

This is an amazing platform that provide help by organizing meal delivery, advicing articles and by making products delivery. Gascoigne says that providing care for loved ones is a great concept that this startup is performing effortlessly.

Indian Moms Connect

This is known as an online community for all Indian mothers, allowing them to share stories, recipes, tips on parenting and a lot more. The CEO of Girls in Tech really like the concept and says that this community have great product suggestions.

Penta Medical

The main focus of this startup is to help patients to have a more efficient and a smoother bone healing process by using fabric with infrared technology. Gascoigne says that half of the population suffer from bone trauma once in their life and thus, there is nothing wrong in saying that this company is giving a lot of help to such patients.


The smallest security system that can easily link to either a door, laptop or a bag will alert you immediately if the object moves. The CEO feels that its easy-to-use factor is very much fascinating. She is amused with the fact that this system can be used for the objects you need.


This is a Javascript coding platform which is mainly for the teens. The CEO, Gascoigne appreciate all that a lot which encourage young people and thus, admire this platform.