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How To Plan Your App Development Process?

As soon as you wake up in morning, the first thing that you do is look at your app. Whether it is logging in your fitness app or finding your way to the nearby restaurant, mobile apps have all of it and they have become a very important of daily life. It is estimated that more than 80% of people prefer mobile app over traditional websites.

Due to the growing number of smartphone and tablet users, small and large businesses are looking to develop mobile apps which help them to get more business amongst the target audience.

The following steps are required in order to get your first app developed:

Choose your Geography

The first step starts with locating your target audience. App market is growing at a rapid rate and therefore the competition is increasing constantly. There are two aspects that you should consider while developing an app. Firstly, you have to determine the USP of your app and secondly the execution or how the app is providing delivering value. There are millions of apps in the app stores and it is pertinent to note that your app has to be very attractive and user centric.

Costing for App

Once you have framed the concept and have got your basics right, the next step would be to create a budget of mobile app development. There are several things that include budgeting. Designing, development, testing, deployment, recurring cost marketing expenses, all come under budgeting. You have to analyze your business plan and plan your budget accordingly.

Understand the Process

It is extremely important to get acquainted with the whole process of development.

Creating wireframe of the concept

designing of the app based on your preference.

Quality Assurance

App store submission

Each and every step has its own importance and the best methodology to get your app built would be the ‘agile development process’ because in this process, you would remain in interaction with the app developer throughout the entire project and changes if any could be made on the real time basis.

Select the platform

There are several mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Mobile & Blackberry. Actual user base largely depends on geographical preferences. For example, American continents have the maximum number of iOS users while India and China has the maximum number of Android users.

You have to do a rigorous analysis of the regions you want to focus and then design your plan of action accordingly.

Constant Improvement

Mobile App development is not a one time process. You can release your app based on your initial research, but remember that the real test starts only after the first release of your app. Once your app is launched in market, you would receive feedbacks and suggestions from the users. Based on those statistics, you would have to make the necessary changes and updates as and when required. These updates require improving user experience, including extra features, fixing bugs and so on. Remember that backend support is extremely essential for the success of your app.


Jas Singh Bhasin

Jas is a blogger, author and strategist and have worked with companies and brands to optimize their online strategies with digital content and social media marketing.