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HoloGRID Monster Battle Space: AR powered Star Wars Chess Game For Marvelous Experience

HoloGRID Monster Battle Space: Phil Tippett who has claimed his position among the fans as a creator of some of the most iconic characters of Star Wars is at work again.

This time, his creation is not another character from the movie but a new age video game. The specialty of this video game lies in the use of AR technology. The game called HoloGRID Monster Battle Space is an inspiration from HoloChess which is a popular game seen in the Star Wars movie series.

Entering the virtual world

AR or Augmented reality is a technological revolution which is taking the world by storm. Through this technology the players can experience the real environments which are augmented with the use of the computers. In this process, both sound and video are enhanced to offer high-quality AR experience.

Working at a glance

The VR or Virtual reality along with AR helps in creating a computer simulated environment based on reality or fantasy where players are actually given a platform to interact in the available settings. This new announcement of this video game is bringing in hopes for the fans that will now experience the new world of gaming.

Hologrid monster battle space

The creators

Tippett, the founder of Tippett studio and creator of numerous Star Wars characters joined hands with LucasArts to develop this game. For the fast development of the game, Tippett Studios has recently started a KickStart campaign. This campaign is focused on collecting the necessary funds which will help in further development of the game. Being a game backed by modern technology and incredible characters it certainly needs as much help as it can gather.

The fundraising campaign is running smoothly and bringing in lots of hopes for the creators. Till now, about $ 30,000 worth pledges were collected for the further development of the game. The funds will be used to develop the first version of the tabletop-card-mobile game and it can easily be played on any smartphone.

Deep into the game

Tippett is known for designing different monsters with the directors and now he is set to create the monsters for this super interesting game. The game will have enhanced the experience as it is created by blending two popular technologies – Virtual Reality and Augment Reality.

The characters of the game will be the most advanced looking one. That is why they are created not only with the use of the digital art but also by using the technology of creation of three-dimensional objects. Thus, the players can experience almost lifelike characters in the game.

In a 3-D environment of the game each of the characters will have a physical sculpture which will be included through the means of scanning. This will help in achieving the feel and the look of a specific time of the early Star Wars movies.

The creators are fairly sure that there highly advanced technologies in the game can certainly help in creating an advance level combat chess game.

Wrapping up

The fans are eagerly waiting for this new release and they’re quite positive that HoloGRID Monster Battle Space will be as successful as claimed by the creators.