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Here’s Why You Should Work In A Startup Once In Your Life

It is always a great opportunity to work in a big corporate firm but nobody tells you about the etiquette and stringent norms you have to follow while working in a big firm. Young entrepreneurs are hiring like crazy and I must say that if you want to give a new dimension to your career, you should at least work in a startup for once. Moreover, if you a clumsy night owl and feel awkward to wake up at 7 in the morning and show at office at 9 pm. We give you a few reasons why you must work in a startup at least once in your life:

1. Great Responsibility, Greater Opportunities

With great power comes great responsibility, and with great responsibility comes great opportunities. There are lesser number of people in startup companies, therefore it is obvious that you have to work really hard and of course you would be rewarded for your efforts.

2. Goodbye, office politics

Office politics is the biggest problem in the corporate world. Many good employees fall prey to office politics and end up being frustrated. But as far as startups are concerned, the scenario is completely different. As the strength of people is low in startups, office politics is not that prevalent here.

3. Wider Spectrum Of Work

There are no specific departments in startup companies and hence there would be a lot to explore for you. Building an enterprise is not a child’s play and there are a large variety of things that go into building an enterprise. Being a startup employee, you would be able to learn what all it needs to establish a company.

4. Awesome Colleagues

The most important of any workplace is your colleagues. Startups have set an example for the people who think that there are no friends at workplace. It is true that in big corporate firms, co-workers tend to be competitive and self-centered, but in the case of startup ventures, there is a strong bonding among the employees.

5. Unexpected growth

While big corporate firms pay you a hefty paycheque, startups at the initial stage may not pay you well initially, but the scope of growth is immense. There is always a risk involved working in a startup as 90% of startups fail in the long run, but with sheer hard work, success won’t be far away from you. Once your brand takes off well, then sky is the limit.

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6. Exponential Increase In Confidence

Working in a startup more or less resembles with running your own business. Once you land into a startup, you would be juggling multiple hats and in between all this, you would start acquiring entrepreneurial skills. Big corporate firms have roles defined for you and they don’t allow you to work out of your expertise, but with startups, multiple domains would be open for you.

7. Kick off unnecessary rules

Startups hardly care what you wear at your workplace as long as you fulfill your responsibilities. So, take out your shabby denims and those Rock-n- roll T-shirts which you have dying to wear. Are you a real Pink Floyd or Beatles lover who just can’t resist listening the music??? You can even put your earphones on while you are working and enjoy the music, such is the beauty of startups.

8. Learning From The Best

Startups are full of enthusiastic people who are keen to help young entrepreneurs. You learn to ask questions and find answers to those questions. Things are very fast paced at startups and hence you start valuing time more than ever.

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