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Google’s New Ads Launched to Make Shopping Easier for Smartphone Users

Google, the most used search engine with over 1.17 Billion users, is leading us towards an innovative future where we will never have to visit websites or worry about finding the prices or stress over what to buy for a loved one on their birthday.

With the sudden rise in the number of people using smartphones for viewing websites like Amazon, Flipkart and other e-commerce websites where the customer directly bypasses Google has given Google some headaches as it leads to massive loss of revenue for them. So to combat that loss, Google has planned to release new advertising products and services to take advantage of people who search for items online and then buy them in nearby stores rather than online. When shoppers are browsing through Google Image search results, they will get to see the ads for related products. These ads will appear at the top of the search results. It will also help the customer to narrow down their search results so that they can be redirected to a retailer who sells that particular product. According to Surveys conducted by Google, it was concluded that People have lot of confusion and queries about the prices and availability at a certain store. But with the help of these new image based ads launched by Google, they can click on an image from their searched results and buy that product immediately from the retailer’s website or store.

Sridhar Ramaswamy, Senior VP of Google ads and commerce stated that “It’s very clear to all the advertisers we speak with, that mobile are here and it’s really the mainstream”. He added, most of the advisers are having no problem with the idea of paying more for Google’s mobile ads than desktop ads as the emphasis of Google’s $40 billion-a-year shifts to mobile devices.

Jerry Dischler, VP of Product Management for Google’s ad business also shed light on the stat that 90% of the global sales last year happened in stores as opposed to online

A new payment scheme will be introduced by Google where the payments will be made depending on the whether the advertisers used mobile, computers or tablets. Frederick Vallaeys, the CEO of Optmyzr recently stated that Since every device has different conversion rates which provides tools for marketers, therefore it is very useful to distinguish between different modes of devices. He also talked about how Tablets could have been a money pit in the past had they not missed the opportunity.

A recent study found out that:

  • There has been an increase by 80% in the viewership rates for AMP ads as compared to non AMP ads.
  • 90% Publishers with ads on AMP pages have received greater clicking rates for their products.

While it’s still early days for AMP, it can be said that it has an encouraging start and it can only get bigger and better from here, while we still have to see how their advertisement strategy pans out.