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Google’s Android Powered Daydream: The Future Of Virtual Reality Gaming

Google stated that two of the largest third party game studios: Ubisoft and Electronic Arts were completing projects for Google’s new Virtual reality platform called Daydream.

The company is gearing up to announce another project called Epic Games. The latest version of this never seen before game boasts the arrival of unreal engine 4 and design tool-set to this next generation mobile virtual reality system. For designers, this enables easy porting of apps to the mobile virtual reality system. And the great news for all the gamers out there is that this equals to higher quality mobile virtual reality experiences and an increase in a number of them.

Nick Whiting, the technical director of Epic stated that this project is a combined effort of Google, Hardsuit labs and of course Epic.Daydream

To display the progress that this truly epic team has made so far in the game, Epic has designed an app known as Dungeon which takes advantage of the motion-sensing feature.

Whiting stated that the Dungeon game demo is similar to the other projects named Bullet train and Showdown before they come up with better visuals and more enhanced motion sensing.

Dungeon is a fantasy game in which the user has a wand which can be used to cast fireballs at spiders and health can be regained by consuming various potions or by consuming apples, one bite at a time. And as the name of the demo suggests, everything takes place in a grand medieval castle. Google’s (motion) controller for the game Daydream is the first of its kind as it offers 3 degrees of freedom- forward and backward, left and right, up and down. Whiting also expressed that the feeling that is experienced when the elbow and arm of the player are stimulated while playing is indeed amazing. And that there is congruence between the physical efforts put in by the player and the visual response output. The controller which comes with the Daydream virtual reality platform stands out from the crowd of controllers, including its arch enemy: Samsung gears virtual reality as its performance is similar to it.

It will surprise readers when they find out that Dungeon is the creation of a single developer Shane Caudle who is also an environmental artist. He worked on the assignment with pre-made elements taken from the unreal online market. What is even more surprising is that after today, apps developed in unreal engine 4 will be part of the Google cardboard applications league that has been downloaded about fifty million times.

Whiting also went on to say that if the plugin is enabled and the user’s app is deployed and not running on a Daydream approved device, then it might fall back to cardboard level kind of support. He states that it is important as the number of Daydream approved devices will be lesser than that of cardboard ready ones for quite some time. Looks like the future of VR games is as bright as ever!