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G6 Hospitality Partners Ready To Roll Out The New Interactive “My 6” App

Booking your hotel with an app is not a new practice. There are a number of such applications available out there in the app store. But the thing that differentiate an app from others is the unique browsing experience it provides to the users. This single parameter is more than enough to create the success story of any of the apps. In its attempt to provide a whole new user experience to the users, some iconic lodging brands in the US have decided to roll out an interactive app called “My 6” app. 

Studio 6 and Motel 6 from the US and Canada and Estudio 6 and Hotel 6 from Latin America have announced the launch of this engaging app. “My 6” has been created by Prolific Interactive, an agency that mainly focuses on mobile products. In addition to enhancing the booking experience of the users, the app does the task in just three simple taps. What can get more overwhelming than such an effortless experience!

“My 6” additionally allows the users to enjoy savings in case they qualify for the same. In order to enjoy the additional 10 percent saving, users must download the app and make their reservation. This simple procedure make them eligible for a discount of 10% for their qualified stay throughout 2017. Another reason to try out the innovative “My 6” mobile application!

Mobile users in today’s digital age are divided into two distinct categories namely Android and iPhone users, and “MY 6” has got something to offer to users of both the categories. The vibrant UI is superb and includes easy navigation. It also provides location based real information to the users in case they are searching for restaurants, ongoing events and other exclusive offers.

The aim behind developing this new age mobile app is to offer a personalized interactive experience to the users. And to remain successful in this attempt, the developers have tried their best to include all the elements that could raise the app’s status from average to the best. It is of course a complicated task to customise app’s elements to show the most relevant results to the users. However, when it comes to “My 6” the app fulfills the expectations in the most significant manner.

The best thing about this innovative application is that, it makes every bit of information available at users end anytime, anywhere. In addition to suggesting the best results by looking over thousands of brands and a number of unique places, “My 6” also promises an intense searching for relevancy in the results. Prolific Interactive, the app agency’s tie-up with the G6 hospitality has already created a milestone in the form of “My 6” mobile application.

This app makes the searching an easy breeze for the users. It allows users to search by location, see the picture of the place, book the room and also view the itinerary of the same. Users can also view and modify their profiles.   

In Conclusion

It’s all about user’s experience that matters the most. “My 6” promises to live upto the expectations of the users in terms of providing the best hospitality services available in the industry that too in the budget that seems reasonable for them.