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Follow Effective Ways for Actionable Enterprise Mobile Apps

In this era of mobile enabled world, mobile app is needed by businesses for its employees to connect. These days, many organizations have adopted enterprise mobile apps with the motive to enable collaboration among its employees. In other words, such apps are widely preferred for providing data the latest customer data to a regional sales director, performance benchmarks to a store manager and also for providing quarterly financial information. However, it is said that enterprise mobile apps offer several other advantages than just providing information.

  • Employees should maintain healthy relationship among them. In this regard, such apps would be ideal for employees to connect during as well as after the work.
  • Collaboration is very important for modern business processes and numerous organizations are struggling with this. However, with an enterprise mobile app, there can be one secure area for all content, notifications as well as deadlines, which paves the way for faster and more informed decision making.
  • The worst thing for an employee is getting stuck with a problem, but with enterprise application, he can get the solution quickly and as a result, can minimize the wastage of time.

However, it is important to make them actionable as by doing this users are able to change or input data, upload images of any product or business receipts to corporate systems. In addition, they can also edit transactions. Updating listings and filling out applications on the go as well as closing deals by submitting signatures from mobile device in a hassle-free manner is possible with an actionable app. On the other hand, in case of absence of actionable app, making changes to existing information is not possible. Hence, there is no exaggeration in saying that irrespective of the industry, such apps can provide amazing benefits.

If you are the one who is looking forward to make enterprise mobile apps more actionable, listed below are four ways which should not be overlooked:

Tell Users to Upload Images

The phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, greatly applies to businesses. Thus, enable users to take proper images and add them to an enterprise application. Talking about images, insurance agents can add pictures related to claims, whereas retail managers can upload images of storefront displays. This will help organizations in knowing about the issues and will also guarantees compliance while performing on-site inspections.      

Add Multimedia Content

It is believed that PDFs, brochures and videos are some great resources for users to acquire complete information on the go.

Paves The Way for Offline Access

Apps which allow users to edit, approve or submit any kind of information without the availability of cellular connection and Wi-Fi are very beneficial for them. Eventually, these transactions can be easily submitted after establishing an internet connection. Hence, supporting offline access is the best choice.

Support Touch-Based Interactions

Touch-based interfaces are very common among users, so incorporate features like drag-and-drop design and user interface elements such as zooming and swiping in order to give a pleasant user experience.

Actionable enterprise mobile apps are the future of many companies and are considered as the best way to take real-time action.