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Features of iPhone 7 & 7 Plus: Giving Several Opportunities to Developers

These days, smartphone lovers are able to avail the advantages of faster processor, improved graphics and better cameras etc. because the technology is getting more and more advanced. With the emergence of Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, there is a wide range of opportunities, mainly in the area of application development in order to make the most of the technology. On the other hand, these new iOS devices are expected to increase the sales of iPhone across the globe. In addition, there is also an improved version of the battery in comparison to previous iPhones. When compared to iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 will last 2 hours more and the iPhone 7 Plus will last 1 hour more than iPhone 6S Plus.

There are some unique features of these mobile phones and the way through which app developers can make optimum utilisation of these characteristics, which are listed below:

Multiple Core Processors

The main objective of Apple behind this feature is to share the load and thus, the number of powerful cores within the processor share the work equally instead of putting all the burden on the single core. Multi-core processors can offer myriad of opportunities for app developers. It is said that with this characteristic, this multinational company has taken a completely different approach with the motive to maintain a balance between the performance and the result. The new iPhone 7 family comprises of two high performance cores for intensive tasks, whereas the other two handle the everyday tasks. Hence, mobile app developers can develop apps that are equipped with the idea of efficient utilization of cores.

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Two Cameras

Apple has constantly taken crucial steps to improve the camera every year so as to make the images as good as real life pictures. IPhone 7 Plus gets iPhone 7’s wide-angle, 12-megapixel lens, but also has a 56mm, 12-megapixel telephoto lens. This second lens gives 2x optical zoom and thus, this will prevent the danger of picture quality loss on zoom. The telephoto camera capture detailed information about a specific photo. This feature has even left professional photographers mesmerized. By using this component, app developers can offer improved video making tools or a lot more useful app. Hence, photo apps and the dual lenses pave the way for an interesting photography experience.

Bluetooth AirPods Headsets

The company has launched hands-free AirPods and thus, has removed the headphone jack from the new design. With its advent, Apple is creating a market where wireless headsets are no longer just nice to have, but has become a necessity. This new wireless technology allow developers to integrate with Siri. It has opened a path to touchless apps, allowing users to summon Siri through their AirPod headsets and interact with their apps.

Hence, there is no exaggeration in saying that with multicore processors, two cameras, longer battery life and several amazing features, it is best to delve into iOSĀ  app development.


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