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Little-known Features for Your Android Smartphone

Android Smartphone: Updates to android 6.0 Marshmallow began to be revealed by Google about a month ago, and unlike simple android software, Marshmallow has many new and updates features to give to the users. Basically, android marshmallow is an extension and a more updated version of Android lollipop.

You can avail the latest versions of Google OS. Marshmallow has some differences in the appearance and new customized features. It has the following new features:-

1) SHORTCUT TO SETTINGS: Android helps you to create some shortcuts. It contains an icon which displays the particular shortcut that you have applied for such as battery percentage, screen display etc.

shortcut to setting | TechTTalks

2) GET GOOGLE NOW ON A SINGLE TAP:  Google now on tap is now easily available and has been an exceptionally different and standout feature. This feature allows you to get brief information about the applications that are stored in by crawling through your apps. It facilitates to give extra information about that application.

Google Now | TechTTalks

3) EASY CUT AND PASTE: The new version Marshmallow has facilitated easy cut copy and paste options. Under these options, when you select any text o cut copy or paste, the options will immediately float above the text rather than at the top   of the page. This is extremely similar to that of the options available in iOS or apple.

Cut n Paste | TechTTalks

4) APP PERMISSIONS ON CASE BY CASE BASIS: Under an android system, android apps ask for app permissions during the installation process like for instance camera, location etc. But under marshmallow, his thing will take a totally new turn. Under this, developers can   ask for permissions on a case by case basis. By this way, you can exactly know when the feature of an application is being used and why are you using it.

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App Permission | TechTTalks

5) FINGERPRINT SENSORS: Google is making a huge support for the availability of fingerprint sensors into android systems so that developers do not have to code it all on their own. You can log into other apps and services using your fingerprint sensor. This can also be helpful in locking and unlocking your android smartphone. By this way, it will prove to be of huge convenience for the developers and the end users.

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6) DOZE: the android operating system has added a new feature called dose which is a very meaningful feature that people can avail. Under this feature, you device can be monitored and tracked by adjusting your app activity accordingly. It means that for the times when you are not using your android smartphone or tablet, all your apps will be paused so that you can save your battery and at the same time apps are not overloaded with new content.

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7) CHROME CUSTOM TABS: Whenever you are operating an app and immediately get to the web from the app, it is a very tedious task for waiting for the website to load. So, Google has added a feature called chrome custom tabs whereby various web contents can be pre-loaded before navigating to the web page. This will ensure a highly smooth experience for the users.

Chrome custom tabs | TechTTalks

8) UI TUNER: The system UI tuner will automatically appear in the settings menu at the bottom side. It makes uses of UI Tweaks which displays battery percentage, customized quick settings area, and a menu to show that which icons are placed on your menu bar.

UI Tuner | TechTTalks