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Favorite Start-up Destinations In India

Currently at number three, India is only two spots behind the US and UK to become the largest startup ecosystem in the world. The major metropolitan cities have become the hub for startup ecosystem in India. We have compiled a list of few cities that are best suited for startup culture. Let’s find out which city is the best for your startup.


The silicon valley of India has emerged as the most favorable destination for startups in India. The city is known not only as an IT hub, but it also has a number of benefits like cheap real estate, high density of venture capitalists and startup mentors, good infrastructure facilities. Every second or third day, one can hear a new startup from the city. Recently, startups like OLA, Freecharge shifted their base to the city.


Delhi being the capital of the country has business in its veins and the most important decisions related to the economy of the country are taken here. Delhi has been the center of trade and commerce since the 19th century. However, these days the bigger growth has been captured by the adjoining cities like Noida and Gurgaon due to cheap rentals and a large consumer base. Delhi is very strategically located and its proximity to the cities like Jaipur and Chandigarh makes it even more attractive for startups. Delhi/NCR has


This city has emerged as the most promising startup destinproduced some fantastic startups like Zomato, Paytm and MobiKwik. ation. This city has great weather and provides just the right ambience for budding entrepreneurs. Pune has a great infrastructure and its proximity to Mumbai also provides an upper edge to it. Although, startup ecosystem is premature in Pune, it is expected to grow at a rapid rate in near future.


The economic capital of India is known for its business ethics and almost every established company operating in India has its corporate office in the city. The port city of India was a major trader’s hub since the time of British rule and the trend continues till date. The city houses a number of VC’s and big investors who are keen to invest in budding enterprises. Startups like Housing.com and Toppr.com are among the big names.

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Chennai is developing as the new silicon valley and gradually tech companies are moving to this city from the cities like Bangalore, Pune etc due to huge availability of skilled manpower. Companies like ZOHO, Freshdesk, Unmetric and InterviewStreet have become Chennai’s pride in domestic as well as global market. People of Chennai are known to be technically very sound and therefore tech based startups favor Chennai to get a kick-start.


Like Bangalore, Hyderabad too is totally IT centric and it is home to global tech giants like Facebook and Microsoft. The city has a tech ecosystem and companies like MartMobi and AppVirality that hail from the city have registered a strong growth


Kochi is not only known for its breathtaking views, but it has also witnessed a tremendous growth in the number of startups. In the year 2012, business incubator, startup village was set up and since then, the scenario has been changed completely. Till now, the incubator has supported approximately 700 startups. Kochi like its counterparts, Bengaluru and Hyderabad too is witnessing a boom in software product startups. The best thing about Kochi is, the government of Kerela is supporting the startup ecosystem very actively.

So, this was the list of a few of the cities that are promoting start-up culture at a large scale. While some of them have already won accolades for the same, others are yet to pick momentum.

So, which city will you choose for your next startup?? Tell us in the comments below.



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