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Facebook Launches Analytics to Bots

Facebook is engaged in putting a lot of effort into growing Messenger as a bot platform. There are 33,000 bots in existence which automatically feed you news, entertainment, book hotels, check the weather, make payments and enable you to ask for receipts to name a few, expanding the Messenger’s use beyond simple communication. According to Facebook, it is adding bots to its Facebook Analytics for Apps tool and also enabling all bot developers to join FbStart program. Josh  Twist, a product manager for Facebook Messenger’ bot efforts says that getting bot support for messenger is the most frequently requested feature from bot developers and thus, it shouldn’t be like  a huge surprise. He further says that the analytics will cover bots built just for Messenger, but by seeing how bots are making their way, Facebook can expand its bot analytics to other platform besides messenger.

Analytics of Facebook for Apps enable developers bridge desktop and mobile services so that businesses can easily witness the usage of their websites as well as apps, Earlier, it was limited to only browser-based sites and standard mobile apps, but now, Facebook’s analytics support will help businesses to improve their bots. As per Sridharan Ramanathan, with the help of this tool, now you will be able to view reports on messages sent and messages received. You will also be able to view reports on people who block or unblock your app. Furthermore, you will have access to anonymized demographic report like age, gender, language, country, interest, country, education so that you can have better understanding of all those who are engaging with your app.

Businesses on the Messenger Platform can also use the App Events API in order to log custom events for Analytics for Apps. Thus, you are at a higher chance to gather deeper insights about the way people are engaging with your bots and their engagements with those bots are successful or not. Some examples include:

  • A news publisher can see how often people are clicking links back to the main site
  • A travel business can see how frequently people are transferred to a human agent
  • An e-commerce business can build cross-platform funnels to have a look of what percentage of people interact with bots

Bot developers are now able to take advantage of FbStart, which is a Facebook’s global program works with the motive to help start-up developers through the early stage of app development. Bot developers have the chance to apply for FbStart and if this request get accepted, developers can avail all benefits of FbStart, including Facebook ads credits as well as free tools and services from partners such as Stripe, Dropbox and Amazon.


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