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Encouraging Tech Startups to Watch in 2016

These days, a large number of people are realizing their dream of becoming an entrepreneur and thus, the commercial sector is flooded with a wide range of startups. Before moving further, it is important to understand the meaning of startup. It is defined as a newly emerged entrepreneurial venture that works with the motive to satisfy customers with its unique range of products or a wide assortment of services. In addition, it is also defined as a small business, partnership or an organization designed to rapidly develop scalable business model.

Why Startups Succeed?

While running a startup, a well-defined vision which is defined as a skill is required by every leader  of a company so as to cross the finish line and there is nothing wrong in saying that this is the major force behind a business’s success. The skill to do things in a quick manner, allows it to achieve its goals and milestones. This factor also allows it to move at a much faster pace in comparison to its competitors. Furthermore, a successful startup is said to be very efficient in managing its expenses. When resources are limited and there is no sufficient time, then a newly established firm knows the way of doing more with less. Discipline starts with self-control and is considered as a product of a strong self-imposed personal standard. Discipline in startups leads to positive work ethic and paves the way for getting things done effectively as well as efficiently.

There are numerous companies that have made a positive impact in the Tech-startup scenario in which some of them are listed below:

Algo Engines

This company utilizes machine learning so as to provide operational intelligence like real-time monitoring, accurate energy forecasts and performance analytics as well as the future prediction for the hydroelectric segments, solar and wind. Till date, it supports over 2,500MW of wind and solar capacity across Thailand, India, Japan and The Philippines.


This company works with the motive to simplify its customer’s server needs. It helps users with a graphical management console to manage their cloud servers without depending on any platform or operating system. In addition, it also offers infrastructure as a service and hold great expertise in High Availability architecture.

Hyper Track

The company’s main goal is to help developers worldwide on building location tracking features. It plays a vital role in minimizing the complexity of building a continuous location tracking infrastructure.


It is known as a technology company operating as an end-to-end waste management platform. The firm’s main objective is to preserve the value of waste at source and connects communities, waste collectors, recyclers ane energy producers etc. through transparent transactions. This way it helps to minimize landfill use, build recycling economies and to power clean energy.


This is a robust web security platform for finding and blocking online security threats. The service includes all aspects of website security, including fake traffic prevention, fraud protection and bot protection.


Azooka Life Sciences is India’s only speciality fluorescent dye company. The first product of the company, tinto ranghas zero toxicity, mutagenicity and is non-hazardous because it was developed from a plant that has been used as a food additive. Moreover, Azooka’s tinto rangis known as a food-grade DNA and RNA stain that doesn’t alter the structure of the DNA and as a result, it can be used for several tests.

Realbox Data Analytics

In order to help offline businesses increase revenues and decrease risk, it uses business intelligence as well as predictive analysis tools. The company’s product like Pulse, which provides decision makers business summaries and key performance metrics on their mobile devices in real time that helps them in remaining agile and also in control of their businesses.

All the above mentioned companies have made a remarkable recognition in the Tech-startup world  and thus,should not be overlooked.