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Drive More Sales with Mobile App for C-stores

C-stores is described as a store that sells a wide range of product such as food, magazines, newspapers and groceries etc. This store remains open for 24 hours a day and seven days a week and the ease of shopping at such store makes it very compelling to customers. Hence, it can be said that you do not have to go too far or wait till morning in order to buy what you need. Furthermore, due to limited shelf space, such store receive frequent deliveries. If you are looking forward to add flexibility to the customer’s experience, integrating mobile application is the best option.

Importance of Mobile Apps for C-stores:

On-Site Promotions

With the help of mobile apps, convenience stores can list the current promotions such as discounted car washes at each location. In addition, on-site maintenance promotions enable such stores to attract customers who might not have made the purchase. For instance, a customer while waiting for a car wash may decide to browse in such store in order to pass and as a result, customer can buy a drink or snack. This directly leads to an increase in sales.  

Geolocation Benefits

Geolocation tracking is considered as an effective way to target customers specially, roadtrip consumers who might be unknown to their surroundings. It is believed that if your consumer is within a set radius from your store, then you can send them important information which can drive more business. In addition, if you app has the feature of tracking previous purchase, you can use push notification in order to suggest the customer stop for the favorite fountain drink that helps him or her in staying energized during the travel.

Payments At The Pump   

If your convenience store is connected to a gas station, you are at a higher chance of giving pleasant experience to all those who want to get back on the road as soon as possible. This can be achieved by simply adding a mobile payment option to c-stores app or also by accepting common mobile wallets, which includes Apple Pay and Android Pay. As per the Worldpay Global Payments Report, mobile wallets are considered as the most popular payment method of the future. It is also said that in the near future, mobile wallets will overtake credit card usage by 3 percent by 2019 because of several factors such as security, convenience, loyalty as well as personalization.

However, before having a c-stores mobile app, consider your audience. You might also want to survey customers so as to know which features they want. On the other hand, there are some other factors also which owners of convenience stores should consider properly. In this regard, if your store already has an app, make sure that it has a clear design which paves the way for high speed and usability. You can even ask for customer’s feedback for both higher satisfaction rates and better productivity.