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Did You know your iPhone Could Do These Things?

Apple’s iPhone had made incredible breakthroughs in the way we use not only our phones but also the interwebs.

This marriage of technology and convenience has proved to be the defining trait our generation and continues to innovate at lightning fast speeds. In the larger scheme of things, we often overlook some of the minute details of an application or operating system that might not make a large impact but are indispensable features of the product. Here is a list of some of the details you might have missed whilst using your iPhone:


Slide to Unlock

Unlocking is the most basic feature of any phone. A seemingly mundane task, the iPhone has found a way to glam that up as well. A glimmer of light runs through the text hinting at the direction at which the user needs to slide their finger. Following across the light will help you unlock the phone.



Another run of the mill feature, the clock app may seem like just another clock at first glance. However, if you take a closer look, you will notice that it replicates an actual wall clock. The surface of the app gives the current time right down to the second complete with a moving second hand. Now you have no excuse to be late!


Apple Maps

GPS maps have made it almost impossible to lose your way. Ever-evolving, Apple Maps follows real time and accordingly modifies daylight. If you zoom out of the maps and into the position of the earth, you can instantly locate the parts of the globe that have daylight and nightfall as illustrated by the iPhone.



Mimicking a real flashlight, this app not only gives a ray of light when switched on, but also operates like a real flashlight. The tiny button that you would flip when using an actual torch is shown changing positions on the app when turned on. Its minute features like that make the iPhone experience so unique and enjoyable.


Answering Calls

Have you ever noticed how there are typically two interfaces whilst answering phone calls? One requires you to slide across the screen to answer and the other offers options to accept or decline the call. When your phone is unlocked, you need to swipe across the screen to answer the call. This is to prevent you from accidentally answering a call when your phone is in your pocket. This thoughtful feature developed by Apple’s engineers illustrates the amount of effort they put into their products.


Fingerprint Settings

Using biometric technology, the iPhone’s fingerprint sensor is ironclad. The phone stores data information of which fingerprints have already been saved and displays the corresponding data. This means that your phone knows which fingerprint corresponds to which finger. It is truly a ‘smart’ phone!

It is often said that details are the difference between good stuff and great stuff. There is no one else who has proved this to be truly better than tech giants, Apple.


Jennifer Brody

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