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The Definitive Introduction to Marvelous Facts About Apple

These days, iPhone by Apple is gaining huge momentum and it is said that when you prefer iOS devices then information flows smoothly from one device to another. When your friends have iPhone then sharing everything is not a very difficult thing. This means that if you are looking forward to share your location, photo, file or any link with your friend on this device then you can do it in a hassle-free manner. On the other hand, this mobile device offers a wide assortment of some smart features and there are some stunning iOS applications. Almost everyone is well-aware of such phone, but there are still some amazing facts about the company, which should not be ignored:

iPhone Was Initially Introduced In Late 1980s

Hartmut Esslinger, developer of Apple computer idealized a landline phone that has similar features of today’s iPhone in 1983, but the design was never implemented into a real iPhone. Hence, the surprising thing is that Apple had such amazing ideas several years ago.

Innumerable iPhone Apps

If a report is to be believed, there are more than 2 million iOS apps present in the Apple App Store and due to this fact, this app store has earned a position of second largest app store after Android, which includes over 2.2 million apps.  

Iphone 4 Known As Antennagate

The iPhone 4 came up with a new metal design and after using the device it was found that calls were getting disconnected while holding the phone in a certain way. This caused extensive problems  among the users and due to this, this mobile device of the company earned the name of Antennagate.

iPhone Was Called Purple

Initially, when this smartphone was being engineered, Purple was the nickname which was given to this phone. Hence, it is said that the name, “Purple Dorm” was given to iPhone section at the Apple headquarter.

Samsung Manufactures Processors of iPhone

Apple and Samsung are known as rivals in the smartphone industry, but Apple has given Samsung company the contract for making computer chips. This is considered as a remarkable fact which will definitely surprise you.

700 iPhones Have Been Sold

According to Tim Cook, the CEO of the company, Apple has sold approximately 700 million iPhones  till March and is showing no signs of slowing down and thus, will soon touch 800 million score.

Texting Became Popular With iPhones

A large number of people believe in sending a message than making a call to that person. However, this trend became popular with the arrival of such smartphone. Hence, a major development by this firm.

The Biggest Invention of the Year

By considering the demand or craze for this phone by this multinational firm, Time Magazine gave it the title of the “Invention Of The Year” in 2007. It was undoubtedly the best development by the firm.

Earned $65 billion Revenue In The Last Ten Years

Most of the annual revenue which is approximately $65 billion is generated from the products like iPods, iPads and iPhones during the last ten years. On the other hand, half of its annual revenue, which is $30 billion generated in the past 4 years.
These are some of the fascinating facts about Apple, which will leave you spellbound.


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