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Decoding the dilemma whether to join or not to join a startup

Startup culture is the hottest topic among the job seekers these days and the companies like Paytm, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Pepperfry  with brilliant startup ideas provide excellent remunerations to the deserving candidates and moreover the work culture and the chances of growth are tremendous with the startup firms. However, there are certain limitations working with startup companies. In this article, we would be discussing the pros and cons of working at a startup.

High risk: There is an old proverb that says” No risk, no gain”. This goes perfectly well with the startups as it is a bitter truth that about 70% of startups fail and there are numerous reasons behind the same. Like a clash among the founders, running short of funds or the worst of them all; improper resources. Hence it is advised to join a startup that has at least completed product- market validation stage.

TechTTalks | High risk

Juggling multiple hats: In startups, don’t expect to stick to your so called KRA because it is worthless when it comes to getting tasks. It is quite obvious for your boss to provide your input on marketing campaigns, no matter you would have hired to write computer codes. On a positive side, you would learn a lot as compared to a big corporate because of the new roles you would get to play.

TechTTalks |  Juggling multiple hats

No escaping: In multinational companies, the team is large enough and it is quite easy to disappear somewhere when your boss is in a bad mood. But with the startup firms, you are expected to deliver results from the first day itself and in this process, you learn to stick to the deadlines and perform your best.

TechTTalks | No escaping

High rewards: While your friends and college mates might get a traditional 10-25% of annual growth, you would be earn much more in a very short frame of time, and if you keep your association intact with them, very soon you would own equity shares and endless benefits.

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TechTTalks | High rewards

Know how’s of entrepreneurship: It is a very common practice of sharing one’s plan with each and every employee in a startup and everybody is invited for the comments and input. your startup ideas if any would be given importance if you present in front of management. This is contrary to what happens in any MNC; the decisions and ideas are restricted to the boardroom. These firms work in a very fast paced environment and make you learn all that is required to be an entrepreneur. It won’t be wrong to say that startup companies are the best school for any entrepreneur.

TechTTalks | Know how’s of entrepreneurship

Exciting and freedom: startup firms work in a rocket speed and fix the dents as early as possible. That’s their way of increasing employee engagement. It’s always a thrill of working in such environment fills you with pride and gives you a sense of accomplishment. You would hardly regret long hours and the hard work you put into work.

TechTTalks |  Exciting and freedom

Cool Ambiance: you would recall your college days while working at a startup. No dress codes, no boring meetings and no unnecessary presentations. You would experience fun while you work and you would share cool & interesting things with your co-workers that would revive your college days. The work environment is very chilled out and work seems like a play.

TechTTalks | Cool Ambiance

I suppose, the reasons and the points stated above are enough for anyone to reach at a conclusion. It can’t be denied that working with a reputed giant organization has its benefits. But at the end of day, if you are the kind of person who loves challenges and willing to explore something new at each working day, then you should give a try in a Startup firm.